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March 29th Raw

March 29th Raw

Raw Results

Check back for March 29th Raw Results. The show begins at 8:00 PM.

Drew McIntyre Walks into the Building

  • Everyone is a potential threat.

Bobby Lashley Kicks off the Show

  • Lashley comes to the ring with the Hurt Business.
  • MVP announces that Lashley will walk in and out as the Champion. He’s currently set to face Drew McIntyre, but Lashley says that if anyone takes out Drew McIntyre, then that person will get a title match at WrestleMania.
  • Lashley and MVP verbally attack Cedric and Shelton for losing last week. Benjamin tries to stick up for himself physically, but Lashley takes them out.
  • Bobby says the Hurt Business is over.

Matt Riddle Promo

  • He doesn’t know what Sheamus is so ticked off about.
  • Riddle then see Titus O’Neil. He suggests that Titus maybe Roast a Pig since he’s involved with the “Roast of WrestleMania.”
  • Sheamus body checks Riddle into some equipment.

Cedric and Shelton with Adam Pearce

  • Cedric says Shelton wants Bobby Lashley tonight and if there is anything left, Cedric wants Bobby next week.
  • They get all over Pearce for not immediately making the match.

Sheamus defeats Riddle – 12:44

  • MVP is on commentary
  • Sheamus blocked a knee from Riddle and connected with one of his own to the side of Riddle’s face. Sheamus go the pin.
  • Riddle attacks Sheamus after the match. This was retaliation for Sheamus attacking Riddle in the back.

Drew McIntyre Runs into AJ and Omos

  • Styles say that he has bigger plans for WrestleMania. Omos says their plans are a lot more realistic.

Shane McMahon in the Ring

  • Shane has Braun’s report card. He got straight D’s.

Braun Strowman defeats Jaxon Ryker – 02:28

  • Strowman hit Ryker with the powerslam for the pinfall victory.
  • Braun tried to chase down Shane after the match, but Elias caught Strowman with a high knee.
  • Strowman cleared the ring.

Strowman Picks the Match for WrestleMania

  • Strowman says it will be a steel cage match.

The Dirt Sheet with Miz and Morrison

  • They premier Hey Hey Hop Hop.
  • WWE played the whole song . . .
  • Bad Bunny and Damien Priest came out.
  • Priest say Bad Bunny will handle Miz at WrestleMania
  • Bad Bunny says he’s going to make the Miz his bitch at Mania.
  • The Miz walked up to Bad Bunny, and Bunny punched him right in the face.

Randy Orton Promo

  • Orton says he’s gone toe to toe with all the legends. None of them compare to the Fiend.
  • The Fiend is an abomination from hell.
  • Randy says he will do what he needs to do to make sure that the Fiend is out of his life.

Bobby Lashley defeats Shelton Benjamin – 04:26

  • Off a distraction from Cedric, Shelton Benjamin hit Pay Dirt. Lashley kicked out.
  • Lashley got a submission victory with the Hurt Lock.

New Day with AJ Styles and Omos

  • New Day brought some games so AJ Styles and Omos can get to know each other.

Match Announcement

  • Riddle defends U.S. Championship against Sheamus at WrestleMania.

New Day Game Night

  • Charades
    • Woods guessed “A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.”
    • Styles mimed The Lion King, but Omos didn’t even bother guessing.
  • Pictionary
    • New Day got rocket ship.
    • AJ Styles draws the Sun. Again Omos does not say anything.
  • New Day brags about a clean sweep. Omos says, “enough of the games.”

Xavier Woods defeats AJ Styles – 07:54

  • Omos grabbed Woods, which led to a disqualification.
  • Omos then gorilla pressed Xavier Woods over the barricade.

Alexa’s Playground

  • She tells us about how the Jack in the Box used to be called the Devil in the Box.
  • Bliss says that all The Fiend needed was time.
  • Randy’s biggest mistake is thinking he understands what’s next.
  • Alexa says at WrestleMania, Randy will die.

Drew McIntyre Walks into the Locker Room

  • He yells for someone to step up.
  • Braun and Riddle say no. Angel Garza, Drew Gulak, and Humberto Carillo all sort of steep up . . . they get beat up.
  • Ricochet volunteers as tribute.

Naomi defeats Shayna Baszler – 2:22

  • With plenty of distractions, Naomi got the win with an O’Connor Roll and a Bridge.

Asuka and Riddle Talk Backstage

  • Asuka likes Matt Riddle’s scooter. He wonders whether people in Japan would like scooters.

Adam Pearce Conducts the Contract Signing

  • Rhea Ripley and Asuka come to the ring.
  • Asuka says Ripley is over confident.
  • Ripley says she’s going to beat Asuka at Mania and take the championship.
  • They both sign. Asuka says Ripley’s confidence is borrowed (not earned).
  • Ripley flips the table into Asuka’s face.
  • Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler come out wanting to know about their WrestleMania match.
  • Nia challenges Rhea and Asuka to a match next week. Rhea accepts.

Ricochet Backstage

  • Ricochet tells MVP that this isn’t about Bobby Lashley. It’s about earning a title shot.

Drew McIntyre defeats Ricochet – 02:54

  • Drew hits a Claymore for the pinfall victory.
  • Mustafa Ali attacked McIntyre after the match with Ricochet.

Drew McIntyre defeats Mustafa Ali – 03:46

  • McIntyre hit the Claymore for the pinfall victory.

Lashley and McIntyre Stand in the Ring

  • Lashley says he never needed any help, and McIntyre’s time is up.
  • Drew says that Lashley is afraid of Drew McIntyre.
  • They got in a fight. McIntyre cleared Lashley from the ring.
  • King Corbin jumped McIntyre from behind.
  • Corbin hit Drew with Deep Six and Lashley put on the Hurt Lock.

Raw Preview

WWE has 1 advertised matches for tonight’s show.

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Quick Preview

  • Riddle v. Sheamus – Non Title
  • The Miz and John Morrison Debut Hey Hey Hop Hop 
  • Will Someone take out Drew McIntyre and collect on Lashley’s bounty
  • Rhea Ripley and Asuka contract signing

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