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86. How Did JCP Beat Vince to the Punch Again in 1985?

On today’s episode we’re talking about how did Jim Crockett Promotions beat Vince McMahon to the punch again in 1985?

It was on this day in wrestling history that the NWA & Jim Crockett promotions presented Starrcade ’85: The Gathering. 

Do you remember WrestleMania 2 in April of 1986?  Do you remember how crazy it was that the show was taking place simultaneously from 3 different locations? 

Did you think that maybe 3 locations was overdoing it? 

Well Vince clearly didn’t.  Because after all, if you’re going to hijack someone else’s innovative idea you’ve gotta up the ante, right?

In November of 1985, Starrcade was broadcast from both NC’s famous Greensboro Coliseum & the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia.  

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