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25. How Did WWE End up with Two World Titles?

How Did WWE End up with Two World Titles?

Ever try explaining pro wrestling to a muggle. 

I know muggle is a Harry Potter term for non-magic folk, but I think it works here too – so let’s borrow the term “muggle” for someone that doesn’t know anything about pro wrestling. 

So have you ever tried explaining pro wrestling to a muggle?

One of the first questions might be . . . “Why does Roman Reigns have two championship belts?”

Then you’ll go into a whole thing about the Raw and Smackdown brands . . .one’s the Universal Championship and one is the WWE Championship. 

To which they’ll reply. . . well which one is better? And you might have an opinion on the answer to the question . . . but it’s just an opinion. 

So you struggle through explaining how the titles are equal . . . they’re both world championships. 

If you’re lucky, the muggle in your life will accept this answer, but you may have a bit more work to do.

And your whole day gets thrown away if the muggle switches over to TNT and sees the AEW World Championship or over to AXS and sees the Impact world championship. . .

Life is hard. Right?

How did we get here? You can surely explain the difference between wrestling promotions and how each has their own world champion. . . but that whole bit about two world champions inside WWE is a tricky thing for your muggle to comprehend. 

How did we get here? Well . . . that’s the question that we’re tackling on today’s episode of The Daily Wrestling News Show.

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