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33. How Do You Craft the Perfect Betrayal?

How Do You Craft the Perfect Betrayal?

On this day in 1997, WCW presented the 5th edition of their Fall Brawl PPV event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

I’m sure some of the topics discussed over the last month+ have given even those of you listeners with a photographic memory for wrestling a moment of contemplation here & there.  Where is he going with this?

This won’t be one of those episodes.  There are moments in wrestling history that are so memorable or iconic, you can trigger the memory with just a couple of words.  If I say WrestleMania 3, you know I’m about to talk Hogan/Andre or Steamboat/Savage.  If I say Bash at the Beach ’96, you can bet the farm I’m talking about the night that Hogan dropped the leg…not the fact that Steve McMichael beat Joe Gomez.

So I won’t even pretend that I think I’m clever when I pose the question…how do you craft the perfect betrayal?

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