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32. How Many Times Did the Steiner Brothers Hold the WWF Tag Titles?

How Many Times Did the Steiner Brothers Hold the WWF Tag Titles?

In 2022, WWE inducted the Steiner Brothers into their Hall of Fame. 

Nevermind the fact that the Steiners really only spent about a year and a half with the company from December of 1992 through the middle of 1994. 

Actual participation in WWE wrestling hasn’t ever really been a prerequisite for recognition in WWE’s Hall of Fame. 

Look at guys like Stevie Ray and Diamond Dallas Page. 

Stevie Ray never wrestled in the WWE and neither did the Harlem Heat Tag Team. . .yet they went into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Diamond Dallas Page definitely did wrestle in WWE following the purchase of WCW in 2001, but he didn’t have a very memorable Hall of Fame worthy run. 

Nope it was what Stevie Ray and Dallas did in WCW that earned them the accolade of WWE Hall of Famer.

Perhaps that’s why Rick and Scott Steiner also made it to the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year. 

The brothers had a storied career in the NWA and WCW days, but. . .

They did have that little WWF run in 1993 and 1994.

They even captured the Tag Team Titles – and you know this because you can see them wearing the gold at various WWF Pay Per Views during that time. 

But here’s a trivia question for you. . .how many times did the Steiners hold the WWF Tag Titles?

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