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70. Is There Value in They Live?

After a WrestleMania III backstage meeting with Hollywood film writer and director John Carpenter, Piper took one of those absences to play the lead man in Carpenter’s cult classic cautionary film They Live!

If you watch it with today’s cinematic standards in mind, it’s easy to understand why – the movie is slow, short on dialogue, long in sections, and I don’t think many would argue with me giving it the “cheesy” description.

After all . . . the whole concept of the movie is that Roddy Piper puts on a set of shades that reveals the upper class to be a bunch of aliens controlling the working class through subliminal messaging in advertising and television. Piper then goes on a crusade to free the middle class.

But while it’s all too easy to point out the faults I mentioned (slow, dialogue, long, cheesy), it’s also impossible to miss that the film is striving to be something more than a low rent movie that straddles the border of action and horror.

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