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47. What 1975 Event Nearly Changed Wrestling Forever?

There are a lot of fun & interesting “What ifs…?” in wrestling history.  What if Hulk Hogan had resisted turning heel in 1996 & forming the nWo?  Would Hall, Nash, & likely replacement, Sting have made the same impact?  

What if “The Natural” Butch Reed didn’t miss a June ‘87 taping of WWF Superstars?  Would the Honky Tonk Man have ever been the Intercontinental Champion at all, let alone have that record 454 day reign?

What if Chyna had bent to Vince’s wishes & turned down posing for Playboy?  Would Vince really have gone through with his promise to make her WWF World Champion & therefore the “hood ornament” of the company?

What if Brock didn’t end the streak?  Or Stone Cold never got hurt?  Or the Rock never left for Hollywood?  How different would the wrestling world have been?

Today happens to be the anniversary of an event that could have made the wrestling landscape very, very different.  What 1975 event nearly changed the world of wrestling forever?

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