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60. What 20 Year Plan Failed in Year 1?

As we get closer and closer to November . . . I continue to think about how many days next month will be spent talking about the Montreal Screwjob. 

It’s an iconic event. 

It’s been said that wrestling was changed forever that day.

Some say that the Attitude Era never would have happened. Maybe the Mr. McMahon character never happens. 

I don’t know what would and wouldn’t happen without the events of that controversial night at the 1997 Survivor Series. 

But I do know that if you go back one year prior to the Montreal Screwjob and you look at the events of October 21, 1996. . .everything about that 1997 day in Montreal makes no sense at all. 

In fact, Bret Hart – the victim in the Montreal Screwjob story – would have no reason to leave WWF if you look at his status in late ‘96.

That’s because on this day in 1996, Bret Hitman Hart signed an unprecedented 20 year deal with the World Wrestling Federation.

. . . but the deal fell through in less than a year.

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