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43. What Austin Vehicle Had Its Moment on This Day in 1998?

What Austin Vehicle Had Its Moment on This Day in 1998?

If you’re a wrestling fan, of course you know the name Stone Cold Steve Austin.  If you’re a wrestling fan beyond the age of about 30 & you had a friend or family member who got you watching wrestling early, you lived through & hopefully watched live as Austin created both amazing moments in the ring as well as shocking & often hilarious moments outside the ring.

As discussed earlier this week, the Austin/McMahon feud that would be the driving force that took the WWF from the “other guys” in the Monday Night Wars to the putting WCW in the rear view & taking over the wrestling world, unofficially kicked off when Austin delivered the first of dozens of Stunners to Vince McMahon on the September 22nd episode of Raw in 1997.

The first year or two of this rivalry is just PACKED with amazing moments of Austin torturing McMahon both physically & mentally.  Often, that torment would involve Austin & a “vehicle” of some sort, traditional or otherwise.  Whether he was driving one or destroying one…sometimes both…the choice of vehicles was rarely boring.

So what memorable Austin “vehicle” had its’ moment on this day in 1998?

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