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49. What Beloved Wrestling Giant Was Lost on This Day in 1999?

Wrestling fandom can be funny…hell, there are people who actually celebrate the careers of guys like X-Pac & the Miz.  I don’t understand it, personally, but it happens.

Wrestling fandom can be elitist…while some of us bask in the good fortune of living in an era where there’s more wrestling available for mass consumption than any mere mortal can make time for…other have their favorite show or company that they watch & they don’t want to hear about your stupid favorites because clearly they suck.

And wrestling fandom can be toxic.  Spend any time on Wrestling Twitter, Wrestling Reddit, or a private wrestling group on Facebook & this becomes evident very quickly.

But there are some facts and figures in the history of wrestling that we can all agree bring a smile to our faces.    

What beloved giant of the wrestling industry was lost on this day in 1999?

No, not thee Giant, but I’m sure we’ll talk about him in late January.

This literal & figurative giant I’m referring to is none other than the great Gorilla Monsoon.

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