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55. What Crossover Entertainer Passed Away This Day in 2009?

I often find myself railing against WWE’s booking of non-wrestlers at big PPV events.  Of course, for the whole of my life, the man to blame for that has been Vincent Kennedy McMahon & his insatiable thirst for attention & respect outside the niche professional wrestling resided in for so long.

But secondary to Vince, there’s one person that sticks out as a major contributor at the very start of WWE’s cross over appeal.  And while this person is very well known to any wrestling fan older than about 35, and to anyone who’s done some perusing of WWE’s extensive archive…the heft of this person’s contributions to the wrestling & entertainment we all love isn’t always so readily obvious.

So what wrestler, manager, mouthpiece, actor, & cross over entertainer was lost to the wrestling world on this day in 2009?

Lou Albano

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