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13. What did Chris Jericho Do in 2008?

What did Chris Jericho Do in 2008

Shawn Michaels has been a part of some of the most memorable moments in WWE history. 

No wrestling fan from the early 90’s can walk by a barbershop window without instantly thinking about Shawn Michaels tossing Marty Janetty through the window. What an angle! 

Shawn forgot his smile, had the boyhood dream, screwed Bret Hart in Montreal, formed DX, left wrestling due to injury, got saved, came back, Mr. WrestleMania, retired Ric Flair and that’s just the highlight reel. 

There are many many moments when you consider the career of The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michales. 

But what about that time he tried to retire in 2008. 

Now that was a spectacle . . . and it involved Chris Jericho!

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