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3. What Happened to Polynesian Pro Wrestling?

What Happened to Polynesian Pro Wrestling?

In 1985, Vince McMahon launched the supershow that we know today as WrestleMania. 

It’s said that WrestleMania was a financial bet by McMahon. If the event succeeded, WrestleMania would catapult WWF’s national expansion.

But if WrestleMania failed, WWF would have been in a financial disaster. 

We know how that turned out. WrestleMania succeeded, and 38 years later WrestleMania has grown to a two night stadium show featuring matches too numerous to count. 

Vince took a bet on himself and it paid off. 

But things don’t always turn out that way. 

Let’s talk about another wrestling super show that took place on this day in the same year that WrestleMania launched – 1985.

As we discuss what happened to Polynesian Pro Wrestling.

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