Minutes to Bell Time

50. What is a Punjabi Prison Match?

It’s Friday. Welcome to the end of the week. 

As you approach your final work day of the week and we head into the weekend, you deserve to celebrate a little. 

Let’s take a moment to think about all the things you’re grateful for . . . your family, your job, your health, pro wrestling, this podcast, ladder matches, steel cage matches, wrestlemania, war games, the Flair-Steamboat trilogy, the Punjabi Prison Match. . . .

Wait what the heck. . .how did that get in there?

The Punjabi Prison match. . . well it is October 7 . . . and there was a Punjabi Prison match on this day. . .oh what the hell. . .

Forget all that stuff I was saying before.  . .i guess we’re going to talk about this weird version of a cage match. 

Here we go.

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