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52. What Match Didn’t We See at Halloween Havoc 1996?

Oh this is going to be another fun wrestling mystery. 

If you’ve been paying attention to this show each and every day, then you know that back on August 5th of 1996, a bunch of wrestling companies got together to form the J Crown. . .in some ways you would call that the Undisputed Light Heavyweight Championship. 

If you missed the August 5th episode, I’ll provide a link in the show notes (or you can do what i would do and scroll back in your podcast feed.

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The inaugural winner of the J Crown was the Great Sasuke who held the title for 67 days before dropping all 8 belts to The Ultimo Dragon on this day in 1996.

So Ultimo Dragon is the J Crown Champion as of October 11, 1996 and WCW has their Halloween Havoc PPV right around the corner. 

The PPV is set to take place on October 27th (later this month) – and according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter dated October 21 “the original plan would have Ultimo Dragon defending the J Crown against Jushin Thunder Liger at Halloween Havoc.”

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