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79. What Mega Star Debuted on PPV on This Day?

When you think back on WWF in 1996, you’ll remember the Iron Man Match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart at WrestleMania 12. 

You’ll also remember Steve Austin winning King of the Ring giving way to his huge run that would follow. 

And as we got ready for the Survivor Series that took place on this day (November 17) in 1996, Bret Hart would return from his hiatus to face Steve Austin at Survivor Series 1996. 

The whole event is pretty much remembered for that match because it really kicked off the Bret Hart – Steve Austin feud that most fans wish never ended. 

Not enough can be said about Bret and Steve on this night or any of the matches that would follow. 

But as great as that match was . . . other very important historical things happened in Madison Square Garden on this night in 96.

Most notably . . . The Rock made his WWF debut.

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