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21. What Summer Tradition Started 35 Years Ago Today?

What Summer Tradition Started 35 Years Ago Today?

Summer traditions – they’re plentiful.

In the United States, we’re firing up the BBQ, eating Corn on the Cob, and having Watermelon for dessert. 

We do fireworks to celebrate Independence Day, we swim, kids take a break from school – it’s mostly a happy time.

But as August comes to a close and we approach labor day . . . we know the feeling of Summer is subsiding.

If you’re a wrestling fan, there’s a different signal to trigger those end of Summer blues. 

Because by the time SummerSlam comes around, the Summer is just about over. 

Traditionally WWE’s August PPV offering is the next best thing to WrestleMania.

And it all got started 35 years ago today.

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