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36. What’s the WCW International Heavyweight Championship?

What’s the WCW International Heavyweight Championship?

In 1993, World Championship Wrestling was still part of the National Wrestling Alliance – an overarching organization of wrestling promoters whose most important task was deciding who would be the traveling world champion. 

The traveling world champions were the World Champions that you hear about who went from Territory to Territory defending the NWA World Championship.

Guys like Lou Thesz, Dory Funk, Harley Race,Ric Flair, and Dusty Rhodes.

As you’re probably aware, WCW grew to become the number one wrestling company in the world when it toppled WWE for 83 weeks during the Monday Night Wars. 

But if you only watched Nitro during those vicious Monday Night Wars, you almost never heard the letters “NWA” uttered on television.

That’s because in September of 1993. . .the WCW broke away from the National Wrestling Alliance. 

And from that point forward . . . the NWA who was really only hanging on due to the historic name value . . . was pretty much done.

So all that was needed just for me to lay the ground work to ask the question of “What in the world is the WCW International Heavyweight Championship?”

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