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38. Who is the First WWF Women’s Champion After Alundra Blayze?

Who is the First WWF Women’s Champion After Alundra Blayze?

Remember when Madusa tossed the WWF Women’s Championship in the trash on a live broadcast of Monday Night Nitro. 

Even if you don’t remember it, you’ve likely seen footage. 

It was one of the most serious shots fired during the famous Monday Night Wars. 

You see Alundra Blayze (that’s Madusa’s WWF ring name) had just won the WWF Women’s Champion in October of 1995, but due to some financial troubles WWE decided to let Madusa go in December of 1995.

WCW wasted no time in signing Madusa, and one of her first acts with the company was coming on live TV and tossing the WWF Women’s Championship in the trash. 

That move put Madusa on the WWF blacklist for 20 years, but WWF eventually came around and put Madusa in the Hall of Fame in 2015.

But obviously WWF (later WWE) didn’t go for decades without a women’s division. 

No things turned around shortly after as WWE’s attitude era kicked off and multitude of women. . .divas. . . joined the roster.

It would only be a matter of time before WWE needed to establish a new women’s champion.

But who would it be . . . chances are you remember the trash can incident . . . but not WWE’s first champion in the aftermath. .

Well that’s the bit of trivia that we’ll be discussing on today’s episode of the Daily Wrestling News Show.

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