Minutes to Bell Time

46. Who Jumped to WCW on this Day in 1999?

How proud would you be to take a company that was in serious decline and turn it around?

Imagine that your main competitor is destroying you every single week, but once you were put in charge of the company’s direction . . . that company went from losing badly to winning by a wide margin. 

How about we get more specific . . . how proud would you be if you could take a company on the verge of bankruptcy with a 2.4 television rating for their flagship show and turn things around so that the company made a 56 million profit inside of two years. And that flagship television show was doing better that 6.0 in the television rating. 

Well in 1999, there was a person heavily credited with doing just that for the World Wrestling Federation and Monday Night Raw.

His name was Vince Russo. . . and on this day in 1999 – he shocked the world by jumping ship to WCW.

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