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66. Who Kept Winning the World Title without the NWA’s Approval?

Wrestling by its very nature is a dishonest profession. 

When you think about it, the job of referees, announcers, and wrestlers are attempting to fool the audience into believing that their performance is legitimate combat. 

While in 2022, everyone is in on the act. Things were different back in the 1970’s – and the business was super well protected. 

You’ve heard the stories of bad guys and good guys not being able to share the same locker room or be seen together in public. 

It’s no surprise that dishonesty, trickery, and the whole idea of going into business for yourself would naturally grow from a business where everything was hush hush to begin with. 

So we hear a fair amount about these little scandals and mysteries.

OK. . .so that sets what I’m about to tell you up nicely . . . as today we’re talking about the man who won the NWA World Championship three times . . . and all three times were against the wishes of the NWA governing body.

Giant Baba

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