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Raw – Dec 12

Raw – Dec 12

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Raw Results

*Live from Milwaukee, WI.

*Becky Lynch shows up during Damage CTRL’s entrance with Bayley…Becky chases Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky through the crowd…Bianca Belair makes her way ringside just before the opening bell to scout her next challenger.

(1)  Alexa Bliss def. Bayley…in a #1 CONTENDER MATCH for a shot at the Raw Women’s Championship…Bayley removes a turnbuckle pad…Bianca Belair tattles on Bayley to the ref, but the buckle remains exposed…Alexa dropkicks Bayley into the exposed buckle & follows with Twisted Bliss for the win (13:21)…AFTER…Bianca into the ring…Alexa grabs Bianca & sets her up for Sister Abigail…then seems to snap out of a trance & let her go.

*Alpha Academy approached in the parking area by Byron Saxton…he busts them about their milk bath last week from Kurt AngleAJ Styles, Doc Gallows, & Mia Yim walk past…AJ & Chad Gable have words & a challenge is issued.

(2)  AJ Styles def. Chad Gable…Gable misses a moonsault but lands on his feet…AJ with a double ankle-pick & flips into a jackknife cover…as Gable kicks out, AJ flips back & up to his feet & follows with the Styles Clash for the win (09:07).

*Johnny Gargano & Dexter Lumis are trying to decide what to with Dexter’s poker winnings…Candice LeRae says they have all they need…the holiday season is about giving.

* Street Profits & Akira Tozawa backstage with Cathy Kelley…Tozawa wants the smoke!

(3)  Judgment Day def. Street Profits & Akira Tozawa…in a 6-MAN TAG MATCH…Priest drops Tozawa with the Razor’s Edge…Dom crawls into a cover for the win (14:47).

*Johnny Gargano & Dexter Lumis buy out a merchandise stand on the concourse & head to the ring to give away some goodies…Miz comes out of nowhere & steals back his bag of money but he’s cut off in the aisle by Adam Pearce who demands he return it…Miz is willing to earn it back through a rematch with Dexter…Dexter agrees but Miz has to put up another bag of money in a Double or Nothing Ladder Match…and Miz has to help Johnny & Dexter giving away the merch in a Santa’s Elf costume.

(4)  Iyo Sky def. Candice LeRae…Candice attempts her swinging neckbreaker off the buckles but Sky shakes her off & sends her to the canvas…Sky hits the Over the Moonsault for the win (10:20).

*Kevin Owens backstage with Cathy Kelley…Elias interrupts to ask KO to be in his corner when he faces Sikoa later tonight…KO hasn’t forgotten the months of mental torture with the Ezekiel bull$hit…Elias wants to put that in the past…KO is flabbergasted at the nerve of Elias to even ask & walks away.

*Elias performs an in-ring tribute to Matt Riddle…interrupted by the entrance of Solo Sikoa.

(5)  Solo Sikoa def. Elias…Sikoa catches Elias with a Superkick & follows with the Spinning Solo for the win (08:11)…AFTER…Sikoa & Sami Zayn look to deliver more punishment…when Sikoa goes for the chair again, Kevin Owens races down & makes the save with a Stunner to Sikoa…but after Sikoa & Sami head up the aisle, Elias gets a Stunner as well.

*Tribute to the Troops celebrates its’ 20th Anniversary this Saturday at 2:30pm on Fox.

(6)  Rhea Ripley def. Asuka…Asuka escapes the RipTide & jumps on Rhea’s back, forcing her to the ground & into the Asuka Lock…Dominik Mysterio pulls Rhea’s leg to the rope to break the hold…Asuka blinds Dom with the mist but Rhea uses the distraction to hit the RipTide for the win (11:40).

*Dolph Ziggler backstage promo…says Austin Theory’s cocky arrogance is why he’s not a deserving champion & will be his downfall.

(7)  Seth Rollins def. Bobby Lashley…in a #1 CONTENDER MATCH for a shot at the United States Championship…Lashley sinks in the Hurt Lock but the ref takes a bump & is late to start a count after Lashley hits a Spear…Seth kicks out at 2…Lashley complains to the ref, then attempts another Spear that Seth counters into a Pedigree for the win (12:55)…AFTER…as Lashley gets a little physical with the ref, a 2nd ref comes up behind him…perhaps assuming that it’s Seth, Lashley delivers a back elbow & drops the ref…Adam Pearce tells Lashley that he had been warned…Lashley shoves Pearce into the cameraman…Pearce tells Lashley, “YOU’RE FIRED!”…as the show ends.


WWE Tribute to the Troops – Saturday December. 17, 2022

+ 20th Anniversary Edition at 2:30pm in the East on Fox.


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+ Miz vs. Dexter Lumis – in a Double or Nothing Ladder Match

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