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Raw – Feb 20

Raw – Feb 20

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Raw Results

*Live from Ottawa, Ontario.

*Sami Zayn to the ring, to another extended ovation, chants, etc…he feels gratitude for the love he’s gotten this past week in Canada…also feels guilt for coming up short…he calls for Kevin Owens, who joins him…Sami knows he’s messed up, owes KO a thank you, & an apology…but neither of them could topple the Bloodline alone…so they should try to do it together…KO stands by his words from weeks ago that he’s done with Sami…if he needs help, he should ask his buddy Jey…KO walks away…as an emotional Sami heads up the aisle, he’s jumped by Baron Corbin as we go to break…

*Baron Corbin is in the ring as we return from break…he again reminds us that he’s the last man to beat Roman Reigns…tells Sami that his “story” is over…he’s a complete failure…Sami Zayn charges to the ring & attacks…Adam Pearce books it & away we go

(1)  Sami Zayn def. Baron Corbin…Corbin hits the Deep Six but Sami kicks out…Sami follows Corbin to a corner & lads the Helluva Kick for the win (09:11).

*Rhea Ripley & Dom Mysterio sit down with Byron Saxton…Rhea doesn’t want to talk about the loss to Beth Phoenix…as for Charlotte & WrestleMania, Rhea doesn’t make the same mistakes twice…she’s taking that title.

*Austin Theory backstage with Cathy Kelley…he sees headlines saying John Cena is coming back in 2 weeks…but where’s his respect for being “the now”…he’ll beat Edge tonight in “crappy Canada”…and he’s never losing that US title.

(2)  Mustafa Ali def. Dolph Ziggler…Ali avoids a Fame-asser & counters with a Crucifix Roll Up for the win (02:36).

*Miz & Maryse backstage with Cathy Kelley…celebrating their anniversary…Miz doesn’t really want to talk about his match tonight with Seth Rollins.

*Cody Rhodes to the ring…Paul Heyman (in a neck brace) interrupts via the ‘tron…is Cody really ready for the grueling schedule of a WWE champion?…Heyman warns that Cody’s dreams will become his nightmares…Cody admits Roman is the best in the business but Cody HAS TO FINISH THE STORY!

(3)  Asuka def. Nikki Cross…just as the opening bell sounds, Bianca Belair makes her way to ringside…Asuka pulls guard & transitions to her Shoulder Stretch for the submission win (09:52)…AFTER…Bianca into the ring to point to the WrestleMania sign…Asuka dribbles some blue goop & Bianca looks freaked out. 

*Carmella backstage with Cathy Kelley…Carmella says she owes Asuka a receipt from the Chamber…Cathy approaches Seth Rollins next…he’s going to find & hurt Logan Paul…but for tonight, Miz will do.

*MVP promo…says Brock Lesnar is a coward…Omos is challenging Brock to face him at WrestleMania.

(4)  Seth Rollins def. Miz…Rollins hits 3 consecutive Stomps & the ref calls for a stoppage (11:41).

 *Chelsea Green calls Adam Pearce…she was sent to the wrong city…Pearce says he’ll fix it next week.

*Alpha Academy are practicing their poses in a backstage mirror…Bronson Reed scoffs at their “match preparation.”

*Bayley welcomes us to “Ding Dong, Hello” with guests Dakota Kai & Iyo SkyBecky Lynch interrupts, says they haven’t defended the tag titles in a while & Becky wants to take them at Mania…Lita joins her…Becky aggravates Bayley into angrily accepting on behalf of Kai & Sky.

*Candice LeRae backstage with Byron Saxton…she spots Nikki Cross hovering nearby & demands to know why Nikki has been following her…Nikki whispers that all her friends are gone & scurries off.

(5)  Bronson Reed def. Chad Gable…Reed with a ripcord powerslam & follows with the Tsunami for the win (03:16)…as Otis is distracted by Maxxine Dupri at ringside.

*Elias in the ring…looking for a WrestleMania opponent…Bobby Lashley to the ring, destroys Elias…Lashley grabs a mic, says no one breaks the Hurt Lock…if you disrespect him, he will put you down.

*Edge backstage with Byron Saxton…he’s happy to put Judgment Day in the rear view…says Austin Theory has the physicality to be a superstar, but does he have the mentality?

(6)  Austin Theory def. Edge…retains his United States Championship…when Finn Balor hits Edge with a bicycle kick from outside…Theory follows with A-Town Down for the win (19:09)…AFTER…Balor attacks Edge…hits the Coup de Grace…tells Edge “this is not over”…Balor delivers a 2nd & 3rd Coup de Grace as the show ends.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Feb. 27, 2023

+ Damage CTRL (c) vs. Becky Lynch & Lita – for the Women’s Tag Team Championship

+ Carmella vs. Asuka

+ Candice LeRae vs. Piper Niven

+ Miz reveals his anniversary gift on MizTV

+ Will Brock Lesnar accept the challenge issued by Omos?


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