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Raw – Jan 23

Raw – Jan 23

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Raw Results

*RAW is XXX is Live from Philadelphia, PA.

*Hulk Hogan (with Jimmy Hart) kicks off RAW is XXX…there are some mic issues, but you can pretty much guess what he had to say…brother…followed by a long “greatest Raw moments” video package that is tremendous.

*The Bloodline to the ring for the tribal court hearing of Sami ZaynPaul Heyman says Sami has been playing them all along…Sami is so disgusted with Paul’s “evidence” that he offers no defense…Roman Reigns is furious & instructs Solo Sikoa to dole out punishment…but Jey Uso stops Solo & offers video evidence in Sami’s defense along with a poignant personal endorsement…the crowd chants for “SAMI USO!”…Roman finds Sami not guilty (for now)…his final test will be at the Royal Rumble.

(1)  The Usos def. The Judgment Day…retain their  Raw Tag Team Championship…at the 7 minute mark Finn Balor gets caught interfering & gets tossed from ringside…shortly thereafter Jimmy is hurt…Adam Pearce says the Usos must forfeit the match & the titles…Sami Zayn offers to step in & continue the match…Pearce OK’s it…Rhea Ripley distracts the ref & Priest hits South of Heaven on Sami…Dom crawls into a cover but Sami kicks at 2…after a blind tag, Sami joins Jey for a 1-D on Dom for the win (14:07)…AFTER…cut to Roman Reigns in the Bloodline Dressing Room…says Sami made it through the night, but now he doesn’t want to see him until Saturday.

*Godfather greets JBL backstage, but turns Baron Corbin away at the APA Poker Game…JBL greases the wheels & Farooq allows Corbin into is establishment.

*LA Knight to the ring…offers to give any “Legend” backstage a preview of the Pitch Black match…GONG…the American Bad Ass Undertaker makes his way to the ring on a Harley…Knight backs up the ramp, still running his mouth…LIGHTS OUT…Bray Wyatt out…Knight backpedals into the ring…Taker goozles him, but turns him over to Bray for Sister Abigail…Taker whispers something in Bray’s ear before heading out.

*Alundra Blayze loses a hand to DDP in the APA Poker Room…her trashcan title was on the table, but luckily not part of the pot.

(2)  Becky Lynch vs. Bayley…in a STEEL CAGE MATCH…NEVER GETS STARTEDDakota Kai & Iyo Sky attack Becky before the bell & lock themselves inside the cage with her…Adam Pearce & several refs eventually find their way in, but not before Becky is completely laid out.

*DX (HHH, HBK, Road Dodd, X-Pac) & Kurt Angle to the ring…Kurt always wanted to be part of DX…HHH goes into his shtick…Imperium interrupt & demand DX leave their ring because they are a disgrace, unless any of them want to do something about it…DX & Kurt all decide they’re too old…Seth Rollins out…the Street Profits out to even the odds…Teddy Long out, he decides we should have a 6-man tag team match, playa!…& Kurt will be the special guest referee, as Jerry Lawler joins the commentary desk.

(3)  Seth Rollins & Street Profits def. Imperium…Ford delivers the From the Heavens Splash on Vinci…Rollins follows with a Stomp for the win (13:02).

*Baron Corbin beats Ted DiBiase for a big hand…but most of it goes to IRS anyway…DAMN!

*Bobby Lashley backstage with Cathy Kelley…the US title match was made into a No DQ so Theory can’t get himself DQ’ed to save his title…MVP interrupts…Lashley says he doesn’t need help, so MVP should let him handle his business.

*Ric Flair out to introduce the “greatest woman champion in the history of the WWE,” Charlotte FlairBianca Belair interrupts, pretty much says nothing…Sonya Deville interrupts, wants some recognition…Bianca offers her a chance to prove herself against the champ.

(4)  Bianca Belair def. Sonya Deville…non-title…KOD for the win (08:25)…AFTER…Bianca says this was just a preview of her match this Saturday…Alexa Bliss interrupts via the ‘tron with a cold warning, she doesn’t need help to tear Bianca apart.

*Cody Rhodes vignette…he’ll make his return at the Royal Rumble.

*Miz to the ring…he complains about not getting “his moment” on this show…Kevin Owens comes through the crowd & delivers a Stunner…then tells Roman he will take that Universal title or die trying…a 2nd Stunner for Miz on the way out.

(5)  Austin Theory def. Bobby Lashley…in a NO DQ MATCH to retain his United States Championship…at the 13 minute mark Theory delivers a mule kick, but Lashley fights through it & puts Theory through a table with a 1-arm powerbomb…immediately followed by Brock Lesnar making his way to the ring…F-5 to Lashley…F-5 of Theory onto Lashley for the win (14:17).


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Jan. 30, 2023 

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