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Raw – Jan 9

Raw – Jan 9

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Raw Results

*Live from Birmingham. AL

*Kevin Owens to the ring…JBL interrupts with some local cheap heel heat…introduces Baron Corbin…KO is dressed for a fight, so let’s do it.

(1)  Kevin Owens def. Baron Corbin…Corbin hits the ropes, looking for a big clothesline…KO cuts him off with a gut-kick & a Stunner for the win (08:41)…AFTER…the Usos & Solo Sikoa come out of the audience to attack KO at ringside…KO eventually fights them off with a chair & Adam Pearce is out to demand the Bloodline head backstage.

*The Bloodline approached by Adam Pearce backstage…there’s a tag team turmoil match tonight to name the Usos’ next tag title challengers…& they’re escorted out of the building…Solo Sikoa gets to stay because he face Dolph Ziggler later tonight.

*Alexa Bliss gets on the announce desk…says Bianca Belair only needs to fear her, because SHE is the face of evil…she’s finally in charge…the ‘tron lights up with video of a dilapidated playground…then Uncle Howdy, who asks, “Do you feel in charge?”…Alexa is shook…Uncle Howdy makes his way out as we go to commercial…back from break, no mention of anything happening…sure, that makes sense.

(2)  Bayley def. Mia Yim…Bayley uses a Backslide with her feet on the ropes for the Roll Up win (08:07).

*Candice LeRae backstage with Cathy Kelley…Johnny Gargano is recovering from a shoulder injury…Rhea Ripley interrupts, says Candice has no chance in the Royal Rumble with Rhea in it…Candice says let’s find out who’s better tonight.

*Austin Theory out…trash-talks Rollins…Seth Rollins interrupts on a crutch, but dances & limps to the ring not really using it…Theory says he intends to win the Rumble & become Universal Champ…Rollins admits his knee isn’t 100%, but it will be in time for HIM to win the Rumble & headline WrestleMania…Rollins leaves the crutch with Theory & rolls out…Bobby Lashley out, spears Theory & tosses him over the top rope…Lashley declares himself for the Rumble.

(3)  Rhea Ripley def. Candice LeRae…Rhea hits the Riptide for the win (04:19).

*Bobby Lashley approached backstage by Byron Saxton…MVP interrupts…he helped get Bobby reinstated so they could mend fences & get back to business…Bobby says “thank you” but he’s not interested in doing business.

*Cody Rhodes vignette…on the comeback trail.

*Dolph Ziggler backstage with Cathy Kelley…he’s here for revenge on the BloodlineMustafa Ali interrupts…he’s not happy to find out Adam Pearce offered to make them a team & enter tag team turmoil tonight, but Dolph turned it down for a shot at revenge.

*Bronson Reed backstage with Byron Saxton…The Miz interrupts, says Reed helped him because he’s a stand up guy…if you mess with one of them, you mess with “both of us”…Reed says there is no “us”…if he wants something from him, pay him.

(4)  Solo Sikoa def. Dolph Ziggler…Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for a 2 count…Ziggler goes for the Fame-ass-er but Sikoa catches him & has him in powerbomb position…Sikoa tosses Ziggler upwards & catches him coming down with the Samoan Spike for the win (10:55)…AFTER…the Usos come through the audience to celebrate with Sikoa on his way up the aisle.

*Bayley backstage with Cathy Kelley…Bayley says she sent a message to Becky & Mia when she beat them…Mia Yim interrupts, calls Bayley a fraud…Damage CTRL attack 3-on-1 & leave her laying.

*MizTV with Dominik Mysterio (& Judgment Day)…Dom tells prison stories…The OC interrupt as we go to commercial.

(5)  Tag Team TurmoilJudgment Day def. The OC…Anderon hits the ropes & gets tripped by Dominik Mysterio from outside…as Anderson barks at Dom, Balor with a Schoolboy for the Roll Up win (10:17).

(6)  Tag Team TurmoilJudgment Day def. Shelton Alexander & Cedric Alexander…Balor hits the Coup de Grace on Alexander for the win (04:46).

(7)  Tag Team Turmoil: Judgment Day def. Alpha Academy…Balor comes off the 2nd buckle & gets caught & powerslammed by Otis…but as Otis climbs the buckles, Balor pulls Gable into his guard & Otis hits the Vader Bomb on both of them…Otis is beside himself after crushing Master Gable & gets hit with a superkick by Priest, who follows with a big lariat for the win (07:58).

*Finn Balor’s ribs are injured & he can’t continue…Adam Pearce observes the Freebird Rules & allows a less than enthusiastic Dominik Mysterio to sub in so that Judgment Day can continue.

(8)  Tag Team Turmoil: Judgment Day def. Street Profits…Ford hops from the floor to the apron to avoid Priest, who crashes into the ring steps…Dom pulls Ford back inside into a Roll Up with his feet on the ropes & Rhea Ripley holding Dom’s feet in place from outside for the win (16:18)…as a result, they earn a shot at the Raw Tag Team Championship…AFTER…The Usos meet Judgment Day in the aisle & hold those Raw titles high as the show ends.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Jan. 16, 2023 – Cincinnati, OH.

+ no matches announced


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