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ROH Final Battle – December 10

ROH Final Battle – December 10

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ROH Final Battle Results

*Emanating from the DFW Metroplex in Arlington, TX.

Live Blogging results and thoughts starting at 3PM.

Zero Hour Starts Now

  • Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman are on commentary.

Jeff Cobb defeats Mascara Dorada in the show opener – 7:00

  • Dorada looks good, but I find it hard to believe that he’ll beat Jeff Cobb tonight.
  • Caprice and Ian sound great as the commentary team. Very glad that they’re calling this show together. They’re both super underrated in my humble opinion.
  • Dorada hit an impressive combination Tope Con Giro – Tornillo.
  • Cobb answered a few moments later with a standing moonsault, but Dorada evaded the Tour of the Islands.
  • Dorada was running the ropes when Cobb popped Dorada up and transitioned straight into the Tour of the Islands.
  • Dorada respected the Code of Honor handshake after the match.

Video Package for Embassy v. Dalton Castle and the Boys

Yeah. . . we’re in video package hell now. I guess that’s what you get on pre-shows.

Video Package for Mercedes Martinez v. Athena

2Point0 defeats Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheesburger and Eli Isom) in the 2nd Zero Hour Match –

  • 2Point0 used a combo DDT to pick up the pinfall victory.

Not Surprisingly We got a Pure Championship Video Package

Willow Nightingale defeats Trish Adora in the 3rd Zero Hour Match – 06:18

  • Ian let’s us know that Willow is his wife Sarah’s favorite wrestler.
  • Prior to the ROH purchase from Tony Khan, the storyline was that Trish might be joining Shane Taylor Promotions. We’ll see if Trish or STP stay in ROH. If they do stay, I’ll be interested to see if they go back to that.
  • Willow hit the pounce followed by gut-wrench sit down powerbomb for the pinfall victory.
  • Code of honor adhered to after the match.

Video Package for ROH TV Championship Match

Video Package for the ROH World Championship Match

Top Flight v. The Kingdom w/ Maria Kanellis in the Final Zero Hour Match –

  • Really competitive match here. More so than you would think with these two teams. Commentary teams making a lot out of Darius’ recovery.
  • Lots of dives around the ten minute mark.
    • Darius is busted open a bit, but probably not a serious injury (thank god).
  • Looked like Dante was going to finish off Taven, but Maria jumped on the apron. Referee Mike Posey kicked Maria out.
  • Top Flight used a Nosedive-Powerbomb combo to get the pinfall victory. Awesome finisher.

Video Package for the Tag Title Match Closes Out Zero Hour

ROH Final Battle Begins Now

Ian and Caprice look super happy!

AR Fox and Blake Christian defeat Rush and Dralistico w/ Preston Vance and Jose the Assistant in the Show Opener –

  • OK. . .so . . .if you don’t know. Dralistico and Rush are brothers. If you dig a little, you’ll see that Dralistico has also been known as Dragon Lee, but word of caution . . Dralistico is not the Dragon Lee that we’ve seen in AEW, ROH, and NJPW. Dralistico was previously better known as Mistico. The famous Dragon Lee from AEW, NJPW, ROH is actually also the brother of Rush and Dralistico. So I don’t know if all that makes sense to you . . . but in summary there are three brothers Rush, Dragon Lee, and Dralistico (but Dralistico has also been known as Dragon Lee).
  • Random thought . . . I’m used to seeing Rush in the main event of Final Battle, but this opener is great.
  • AR Fox just did about 6 dives in a row for a near fall.
  • Fox just hit a 450 Splash on Dralistico and referee Stephen Smith counted three. The crowd is chanting you fucked up and it sort of looked like an unplanned finish. LFI put a beating on AR Fox and Blake Christian after the match.

Athena defeats Mercedes Martinez (ch) for the ROH World Women’s Championship in Match #2 – 12:59

  • Athena’s entrance gear and face paint is worth commenting on. I believe she’s a zombie, but she also has a third eye painted on her forehead.
  • Athena ripped the turnbuckle pad off and pulled Mercedes into the exposed turnbuckle. She followed up with the Eclipse to get the pinfall victory.
  • Athena is the new ROH World Women’s Champion!

Swerve and Keith Lee defeat Shane Taylor and JD Griffey in Match #3 – 13:45

  • During the entrance, Keith Lee was looking for a fist bump, but Swerve left him hanging.
  • When we had Keith and Shane in the ring at the same time, Swerve reached in and tagged himself out. We got them in the ring together a few moments later.
  • Keith Lee caught Shane Taylor, which was super impressive.
  • Griffey went for a dive, but Keith Lee caught him. Keith set Griffey down and Swerve kicked Griffey straight in the face. Following the kick, Swerve started giving Keith a hard time.
  • Keith Lee connected with a moonsault off the ropes, which led to all four guys in the ring trading blows.
  • Tons of miscommunication between Swerve and Lee.
  • Shane hit his sit-out tombstone on KEITH LEE for a near fall.
  • Swerve took a walk leaving Keith Lee to fight for himself, which he ended up doing just fine.
  • Lee hit Big Bang Catastrophe on Griffey to get the pinfall.

The Embassy defeats Dalton Castle and the Boys (ch) for the ROH 6 Man Tag Titles in Match #4 – 10:04

  • Brian Cage has gear inspired by his trainer and mentor Chris Kanyon.
  • Embassy showing off their impressive strength in this match. It’s a bit of a mismatch with the Boys.
  • Dalton Castle got the hot tag and suplexed everyone.
  • Kaun and To a tossed one of the Boys into the waiting arms of Brian Cage who transitioned straight into a sit down powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Lexi Nair w/ Top Flight Backstage

  • Dante says the coldest tag team in the game is on fire.
  • 2Point0 interrupt Top Flight because they also had a big win tonight.
  • Of course the confrontation lento a fight that spilled out to the arena.
  • Angelo Parker grabbed the mic . . . if ROH was so great, why did it die in the first place.
  • Matt Menard says when Jericho beats Claudio tonight, Claudio will be in a tag team with Jake Hager. The name will be “The Hat Trick.”
  • Yuta comes out to break up the fun.

Wheeler Yuta defeats Daniel Garcia (ch) for the ROH Pure Championship in Match #5 – 14:52

  • Garcia got his closed fist warning at the 30 second mark. Yuta immediately followed up with a closed fist, which got him his warning at the 38 second mark.
  • Wheeler Yuta used a rope break at the 3:50 mark.
  • Garcia pulled Yuta into the ropes and put on a submission, which automatically caused the referee to call for the break. That cost Yuta his second rope break before the 5 minute mark.
  • Danny Garcia applied the Dragon Sleeper and Yuta struggled to the ropes at 7:45. Wheeler Yuta has used all three of his rope breaks.
  • At the 12:30 mark, Garcia put on the sharpshooter. Wheeler fought to the ropes, but he didn’t have any rope breaks. Eventually Garcia had to release anyway.
  • Yuta caught Garcia in the center of the ring and started laying in the hammer and anvil elbow strikes. The referee had to call for the bell.

The Briscoes defeat FTR (ch) – Double Dog Collar Match for the ROH World Tag Titles in Match #6 – 22:22

  • Ian used Voldemort’s (Punk) name in discussing past Dog Collar matches.
  • Well this is a blood bath. Even referee Mike Posey got color at the 14.5 minute mark.
  • Tons and tons of spots in this match. Incredible stuff.
  • Jay Briscoe used a chain around the mouth to get a referee stop.
  • Briscoes are 13 time World Tag Team Champions.

The Ass Boys attack FTR after the match.

Dax got a mic and said . . .  “our mission is to beat your ass.”

Samoa Joe (ch) defeats Juice Robinson – ROH World Television Championship in Match 7 – 13:36

  • Samoa Joe uses the Muscle Buster to get the pinfall and retain the ROH World TV Title.

Claudio Castagnoli defeats Chris Jericho (ch) – ROH World Championship in Match 8 – 17:03

  • Jericho tried to chase Caprice and Ian away. Caprice says, “Ian. RUN.”
  • Daddy Magic came down to the ring with Floyd. Jericho used the bat, but Claudio kicked out.
  • Paul Turner kicked 2Point0 out.
  • Claudio put Jericho in the Giant Swing and as the crowd counted 30. . . Chris Jericho actually tapped out.

The Cloud of Dishonor has Been Lifted

  • Yuta and Jerry Lynn come to the ring to celebrate.



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