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SmackDown – Dec 30

SmackDown – Dec 30

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SmackDown Results

*Live from Tampa, FL.

*Bray Wyatt to the ring…LA Knight interrupts…Uncle Howdy out, stands side-by-side with Bray for a moment…then drops Bray with Sister Abigail & rolls out.

*Sami Zayn runs into Paul Heyman outside the Bloodline dressing room…Paul insinuates that Sami might be so over with the crowd that it’s making Roman look bad.

(1)  Solo Sikoa def. Sheamus…after the Usos distract the ref to help Solo get a rope break to escape the Cloverleaf submission…the Brawling Brutes have some words for them & things get testy ringside…Sheamus wipes out the Usos but gives Sikoa the opening he needs to take back control…Sikoa with the Samoan Spike for the win (11:10)…AFTER…the Usos join Sikoa in attacking Sheamus…Sikoa hangs a chair around Sheamus’ neck & that brings out Drew McIntyre, who clears the ring of the Bloodline.

(2)  Ronda Rousey def. Raquel Rodriguez…retains her SmackDown Women’s Championship…Raquel tries to pull Ronda off the top buckle into a fireman’s carry, but Ronda turns it into an armbar…Raquel falls back & both women take a bump but Ronda holds on to the armbar & Raquel taps to give Ronda the submission win (16:42)…AFTER…a returning Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring…she challenges Ronda to face her tonight…Ronda accepts, against the strong disagreement of Shayna Baszler

(3)  Charlotte Flair def. Ronda Rousey…to become the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion…Charlotte hits Ronda with a Spear but Ronda transitions into an armbar…Charlotte uses the armbar to stack Ronda up for the Roll Up win (00:40).

*The Bloodline relaxing in their dressing room…Sami asks Roman if the “Sami” chants bother him…Roman says, “Of course not.”

*Dominik Mysterio again shows up at Rey’s house for the holiday…Dom gets arrested.

*Hit Row is getting roasted in the locker room for Top Dolla’s tope flop…but the big man has enough & shoves Ricochet.

*Imperium to the ring…they introduce Gunther’s “Path of Destruction” video package…Braun Strowman interrupts, points out he wasn’t in that footage because Gunther hasn’t beaten him…fists fly…when the Strowman Express is sidestepped by Gunther & Strowman runs himself through the barricade, Gunther attacks with a chair…Ricochet down for the save, clears the ring with a chair of his own.

(4)  John Cena & Kevin Owens def. Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn…Cena hits the AA on Roman, sending him rolling out to the floor…KO with a Stunner on Sami for the win (10:57).


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