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SmackDown – Jan 6

SmackDown – Jan 6

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SmackDown Results

*Live from Memphis, TN.

*The Usos, Solo Sikoa, & Sami Zayn once again open the show by tearing up the ringside area…Roman Reign (& Paul Heyman) to the ring…Roman calls out Sami for losing the tag match with KO & Cena last week…Kevin Owens interrupts, says he is Roman’s biggest problem…so why not solve it at the Royal Rumble over the Universal title…Roman says sure, who cares…he just wants KO to go away.

(1)  Santos Escobar def. Kofi Kingston…a quick distraction by Joaquin Wilde allows Santos to land a jumping side kick & follow with the Phantom Driver for the win (10:30).

*Sami Zayn tries to get into the Bloodline dressing room to speak to Roman, but Paul Heyman explains it’s just not the right time.

*Liv Morgan backstage promo…she lives for chaos, so the Royal Rumble is right up her alley.

*LA Knight backstage with Kayla…at the Royal Rumble when the lights go down Bray Wyatt’s lights go out…YEAH!

(2)  Karrion Kross & Scarlett def. Madcap Moss & Emma…in a MIXED TAG MATCH…Kross locks on the Krossjacket & Moss goes to sleep for the submission win (>03:12…match started during commercial)…AFTER…Kross put a Rey Mysterio mask on the unconscious Moss & places the tarot card with Rey’s likeness on Moss’ chest.

*Sheamus & Drew McIntyre spent some time earlier in the day at Jerry Lawler’s Museum having a few pints…and hitting each other…but in a friendly way.

*Charlotte Flair to the ring…fans chant, “Thank you, Charlotte!” (man, do they hate Ronda)…Flair will not rest, will not get complacent…Sonya Deville interrupts, says there should be a * next to title #14 because Ronda had just fought…dares Flair to fight her, a fresh fighter…Flair accepts, as the crowd chants, “Whoop that trick” for some reason.

(3)  Charlotte Flair def. Sonya Deville…retains her SmackDown Women’s Championship…Charlotte hits a Spear & follows with the Figure-8 for the submission win (06:45).

*Cody Rhodes video package…2nd shot at living his 1st dream…same as last week.

*Lacey Evans vignette…her USMC training makes her a weapon…looks like she’s adopted the Cobra Clutch…wasn’t she supposed to “return”…again…last week?

(4)  Royal Rumble Qualifier: Ricochet def. Top Dolla…Ricochet hits an unassisted Sliced Bread & follows with a Shooting Star Press for the win (01:57)…AFTER…Top Dolla offers a handshake, but it’s just a lure into a Hit Row 3-on-1…until Braun Strowman races down to make the save & Hit Row scatter.

*Sami Zayn sits down with Roman Reigns…he’s not trying to be the Tribal Chief…he apologizes…Roman doesn’t accept it…because he’s the one who should be apologizing to Sami…and Roman is graciously giving Sami a chance to redeem himself when he faces Kevin Owens next week.

(5)  The Usos def. Sheamus & Drew McIntyre…retain their Undisputed Tag Team Championship…McIntyre with a Claymore to Jey but Jimmy makes the last second save…1-D to Sheamus & McIntyre makes the save…McIntyre to the floor where Solo Sikoa lands the Samoan Spike & Spinning Solo onto the barricade behind the ref’s back…the Brawling Brutes race to ringside to take out Sikoa…Jimmy with a Superkick to Sheamus but he bounces off the ropes & counters with the Brogue Kick…Jey grabs Jimmy hand & yanks him out to break up the cover…Sheamus has Jimmy up for White Noise…Jey hops up to the apron, Sheamus kicks him off (with Jimmy still on his back) but gets his leg tied up in the ropes which allows Jimmy to escape & hit a Schoolboy Roll Up with Jey using his legs for added leverage to get the pin & the win (13:16).


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – Jan. 13, 2023

+ Gunther (c) vs. Braun Strowman – for the Intercontinental Championship

+ Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

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