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The 2022 List of People Released from WWE

Image Credit: WWE.com

The 2022 List of People Released from WWE

Mustafa Ali and Brian Kendrick have requested their release from WWE, but those releases have not been granted yet.

  • January 5th
    • On Screen Talent
      • William Regal
      • Samoa Joe
      • Hideki Suzuki
      • Timothy Thatcher
      • Danny Burch
    • Off Screen
      • Brian James AKA (ROAD DOGG)
      • Gabe Sapolsky
      • Ryan Katz
      • Allison Danger
      • George Carroll
      • Scott Armstrong
      • Chris Guy
      • Dave Kapoor
      • Sarah Cummins – Vice President Consumer Products
  • February 1st
    • Brian Kendrick – Kendrick was immediately announced for an AEW match against Jon Moxley. That caused an immediate reaction on social media which brought to light insensitive conspiracy theory comments from years ago. AEW canceled the match.

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