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WWE Crown Jewel – Nov 5

WWE Crown Jewel – Nov 5

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WWE Crown Jewel Results

*Live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

(1)  Brock Lesnar def. Bobby Lashley…Lashley attacks before the bell, running Brock’s knee into the ringsteps & spearing him on the floor…not long after the bell they’re back outside & Lashley spears Lesnar through the barricade…back inside, a 3rd spear already gets Lashley a 2 count…Brock delivers an F-5 on a bad leg but only gets 2…Lashley sinks in the Hurt Lock & Brock is fading…but Brock manages to push off the corner & force Lashley & himself to the ground with Lashley on his back…Lashley refuses to release the hold & the ref counts the 1-2-3 for a Brock win (06:01)…even though Lashley’s shoulders couldn’t have possibly been on the mat…AFTER…Lashley is furious & puts Brock back in the Hurt Lock for a while before just walking away in disgust.

*Alexa Bliss & Asuka are backstage with Byron Saxton when the nearby monitor flashes the new Bray Wyatt moth logo & Alexa is clearly distracted for a moment.

(2)  Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky def. Asuka & Alexa Bliss…to become the NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions…while the ref struggles to get Asuka & Iyo out of the ring…Nikki Cross comes through the crowd to pull Alexa off the top buckle with a spinning suplex…Dakota covers for the win (12:52).

*Logan Paul arrives…he’s still counting on that one lucky punch to shock the world.

(3)  Drew McIntyre def. Karrion Kross…in a STEEL CAGE MATCH…after a distraction by Scarlett, Kross hits the Kross Hammer (finally a name for his forearm smash to the back of the head)…with McIntyre down, Kross climbs…McIntyre recovers in time to pull Kross off the top of the cage with a superplex…McIntyre calls for the door to open but Scarlett maces McIntyre again & even blinds the ref…McIntyre makes his way towards the door again a few minutes later & Scarlett locks the door & holds the key…so McIntyre starts to climb…Kross now heads for the door…Scarlett fumbles with the key…she gets the door open but Kross can’t get all the way out the door before McIntyre drops from the side of the cage & hits the floor for the win (13:02).

*The Bloodline arrives…Byron Saxon asks Roman Reigns if he’s worried about one lucky punch…Roman walks off…the Wise Man says Logan will never land that one lucky punch.

(4)  The Judgment Day def. The OC…in a 6-MAN TAG MATCH…Rhea Ripley pulls AJ off the apron as he sets up for the Phenomenal Forearm, leading to Balor hitting the Shotgun Dropkick & following with the Coup de Grace for the win (14:03).

(5)  Braun Strowman def. Omos…Strowman gets Omos up on his shoulder for the Running Powerslam for the win (07:19).

(6)  The Usos def. The Brawling Brutes…to retain their Undisputed Tag Team Championship…Jey pulls Butch off the top buckle into an Avalanche 1-D & Jimmy covers for the win (11:08).

(7)  Bianca Belair def. Bayley…in a LAST WOMAN STANDING MATCH to retain her Raw Women’s Championship…Bayley tries to lock Bianca in an equipment crate…tries to run Bianca over with a golfcart…Bayley gets pulled off the top of the golfcart & bounces off a table at ringside…Bianca then powerbombs Bayley through the table…Bianca hits a KOD onto a chair, traps Bayley in a ladder & slides it under the bottom turnbuckle like a Panini press & keeps Bayley down for the 10-count & Bianca gets the win (20:27).

*Bray Wyatt to the ring…he says that in the pursuit of being the best in his family of wrestling greats, he became a monster & while he wore the mask he felt no pain…but it destroyed everything around him & ran off everyone he loved…the crowd chants, “We love you”…Uncle Howdy interrupts via the ‘tron again…says Bray’s going to eventually give in & go too far…so go ahead & do it…hurt them…if you’re worried about “them”…just don’t take the mask off.

(8)  Roman Reigns def. Logan Paul…retains his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship…around the 7 minute mark Logan hits a Buckshot Lariat for 2…around the 15 minute mark Logan hits a Superman Punch, follows with a high cross body & standing moonsault but Roman kicks at 2…Roman with a Rock Bottom, Logan out at 2…Roman misses a Superman punch & Logan hits a kidney blow as Roman flies by…Logan lands that “one lucky punch” & follows with a Superman Punch of his own…Roman kicks at 2…Logan lays Roman across the announce desk but pauses for some selfies & video before hitting a splash from the top buckle to put Roman through the announce desk…The Usos out…they have words with 2 members of Logan’s entourage…Usos take them out with a pair of Superkicks…Jake Paul out, KO’s each of the Usos with one punch…Logan hits a top buckle frogsplash for 2…Solo Sikoa out…refs & agents keep Jake & Solo apart…Logan hits a tope to take out the Usos but rolls back in & eats a Superman Punch…Reigns follows with a Spear for the win (24:48).


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