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WWE Survivor Series War Games – Nov 26

WWE Survivor Series War Games – Nov 26

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WWE Survivor Series War Games Results

*Live from Boston, MA.

(1)  TEAM BIANCA def. TEAM DAMAGE CTRL…in the WOMEN’S WAR GAMES MATCH…Bianca Belair & Dakota Kai start the match…Iyo Sky gives Team Damage CTRL the 1st advantage…Asuka evens the sides…Nikki Cross in for the advantage & she brings some plunder along with her (kendo sticks & trash can lids)…Alexa Bliss evens it up…Nikki Cross with the 1st ridiculous spot of the match as she delivers a high cross body off the top of the cage to wipe out everyone…Bayley in for the advantage & she’s bringing ladders (plural) & a table…Mia Yim evens things up & brought some trash cans…Rhea Ripley in for the final advantage…Becky Lynch enters last & WAR GAMES BEGINS (27:39)…Asuka with the green mist to Rhea…Iyo takes out Yim & Belair with a moonsault from the top of the cage…Nikki Cross produces a set of leg irons but Alexa manages to attach the other end to Nikki’s wrist…Becky Lynch with a Leg Drop from the top of the cage puts Dakota & Iyo through a table…Becky covers Dakota for the win (39:34).

*Jey Uso tells Roman Reigns that Sami Zayn lied to him about talking to Kevin Owens last night on SmackDown…Roman says he will talk to Sami & handle it…Roman asks the Wise Man to bring Sami to him.

(2)  AJ Styles def. Finn Balor…around the 8 minute mark, Dominik Mysterio jumps up on the apron & quickly it’s Dom & Damian Priest brawling with The OC at ringside & into the crowd…Balor misses the Coup de Grace…AJ locks on the Calf Crusher but Balor escapes by slamming AJ’s head to the mat…AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm for the win (18:23).

(3)  Ronda Rousey def. Shotzi…retains her SmackDown Women’s Championship…the fight spills to the floor & Shotzi sends both Ronda & Shayna Baszler into the front row…Shotzi runs the barricade & takes out Shayna & three dudes in the front row with a diving cross body…back to the ring & Ronda pulls Shotzi off the top buckle with a Judo throw…Ronda hits Piper’s Pit & transitions into an armbar for the submission win (07:13).

*Sami Zayn admits to Roman Reigns that he spoke to Kevin Owens last night…Sami says he withheld that from Jey Uso to avoid it getting in Jey’s head before his big match…Sami even admits KO told him to turn on the Bloodline…Roman asks Sami to look him in the eye & swear he’s with the Bloodline…Sami swears…Roman accepts his answer & offers Sami a hug.

(4)  Austin Theory def. Seth Rollins & Bobby Lashley…to become the NEW United States Champion…Lashley pulls Theory out of the way of a Stomp & puts the Hurt Lock on Rollins…Theory breaks the Hurt Lock with a Sleeper…Rollins hits a Superplex on Theory, holds on, & gets Theory back up for the Falcon Arrow but Lashley cuts Rollins off with a Spear…Theory crawls into a cover for the win (14:50).

*Jey Uso asks Roman Reigns if Sami Zayn lied to him, too…Roman says he looked into Sami’s eyes & saw everything he needed to see.

(5)  TEAM BLOODLINE def. TEAM BRUTES…in the MEN’S WAR GAMES MATCH…Butch & Jey Uso start the match…Ridge Holland gives Team Brutes the 1st advantage…Jimmy can’t wait to get in there & help his brother but Roman holds Jimmy back & sends Sami Zayn out next to make things even…Drew McIntyre in next for the advantage…Jimmy Uso makes it even & brings 3 tables with him…Jey & Sami start having some issues, but Jimmy refocuses them…Kevin Owens in for another advantage & brings a couple chairs…Owens backdrops Jimmy through a table…Solo Sikoa evens the odds…Sheamus gives the Brutes the final advantage…Roman Reigns enters last & WAR GAMES BEGINS (27:58)…Butch avoids a Superkick from Jey that accidentally hits Sami instead…stereo Superkicks to Ridge & Roman Spears him through a table…Owens with a Pop Up Powerbomb & Stunner to Roman & Sami saves the day by grabbing the ref’s arm before he can finish the 3 count…Sami with a low blow on KO…Sami hits KO with the Helluva Kick & drops him in position for Jey to hit the Uso Splash for the win (38:33)…AFTER…Roman hugs Sami…JEY HUGS SAMI…the Bloodline raise the “ones” as the show ends.


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