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AEW Dynamite – Jan 25

AEW Dynamite – Jan 25

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Dynamite Results

*Live from Lexington. KY.

(1)  Le Sex Gods def. Ricky Starks & Action Andretti…Andretti escapes the GTH set up but Daniel Garcia blasts him with Floyd…Sammy gets Andretti back up & hits the GTH for the win (12:43).

*Jay Briscoe gets the video tribute he should have gotten last week…Mark Briscoe takes on Jay Lethal in the main event tonight.

(2)  Darby Allin def. Buddy Matthews…retains his TNT Championship…at the 4 minute mark LIGHTS OUT…Malakai Black & Brody King appear at the bottom of the ramp…Ortiz races down & blasts King with a kendo stick, then goes after Black…Sting pairs off with King as back in the ring Matthews hits a sit-out powerbomb for 2 as we go to commercial…back from break & the ringside brawl must have headed backstage…Darby & Matthews fight on the apron’s edge…Darby delivers a kick & Matthews is hanging on the middle rope with his upper body in the ring…Darby hits a Coffin Drop for the win (12:53)…AFTER…Schiavone in the ring to speak with Darby…Samoa Joe interrupts via the ‘tron…says Darby stole that gold from him & The One True King of Television is coming to take back what is his.

*Adam Cole vignette…he’s working his way back to ring shape…the day is coming soon.

(3)  JungleHook def. Ethan Page & Matt Hardy…Hardy hits the Side Effect on Jungle Boy & sets up for the Twist of Fate…Page demands to be tagged in & sets up Jungle Boy for a mocking Twist of Fate of his own…Jungle Jack quickly escapes & counters into the SnareTrap…Page fights his way towards Hardy in the corner but Hook pulls Hardy off the apron & Page is forced to tap for the submission win to JungleHook (06:58).

*The Acclaimed, The Gunns, & Daddy Ass sit down for some Family Therapy…the only thing that will make the Gunns happy are those tag titles.

*Hangman Adam Page backstage with Renee…Wheeler Yuta interrupt, looking for a fight…Hangman asks what makes him think he won’t do the same to him that he did to Mox.

(4)  Bryan Danielson def. Brian Cage…Cage with a Powerbomb, holds on, & yanks Danielson up for another…Danielson escapes over his head & hits a Sunset Roll Up for the win (12:35)…AFTER…

*Brian Cage attacks Bryan DanielsonMJF down, hands Cage a chair that he wraps around the arm & shoulder of Danielson before running him into the ring post…Danielson is rolled back in, his arm set up to be Pillmanized as Cage holds him in place & MJF climbs to the 2nd buckle…Konosuke Takeshita down for the save…MJF scurries away…Takeshita hits Cage with a jumping knee & Cage rolls out.

*Bryan Danielson backstage with the trainer…Renee asks about his injury…Danielson asks if he’s cleared to wrestle…trainer says, “No” & Danielson loses his mind…nothing will keep him from wrestling & nothing will keep him from taking that title from MJF.

(5)  Ruby Soho def. Toni Störm…Toni feigns injury to get the upper hand but Britt Baker makes her way out onto the ramp & the distraction allows Ruby to hit Destination Unknown for the win (08:56).

*MJF backstage promo…warns Konosuke Takeshita to stay out of his business or there will be consequences…warns Bryan Danielson that if he continues to try to take away the only thing that makes MJF happy, tonight’s physical pain will be nothing compared what MJF has in store for him…meanwhile, Max has brought Timothy Thatcher in to face Danielson next because Toothless Timmy loves to take men apart piece by piece.

*Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman join the announce desk, while Bobby Cruise handles introductions for the main event…

(6)  Mark Briscoe def. Jay Lethal…Briscoe puts Lethal through the timekeeper’s table with a Froggy-Bow…back inside Briscoe hits the Jay Driller for the win (12:47)…AFTER…the ‘tron shows a pic of Jay Briscoe 1984-2023 & the roster gathers underneath it as Mark makes his way up the ramp…the show ends with a great shot of Mark beneath his brother’s name, holding both ROH Tag Titles high.



+ Hangman Adam Page vs. Wheeler Yuta

+ Powerhouse Hobbs in action

+ Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Emi Sakura – for the AEW Women’s Championship


AEW DYNAMITE PREVIEW – Feb. 1, 2023 – Dayton, OH.

+ Darby Allin (c) vs. Samoa Joe – in a No Holds Barred Match for the TNT Championship

+ Bryan Danielson vs. Timothy Thatcher

+ Hangman Adam Page vs. Jon Moxley

+ The Acclaimed in action


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