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Impact – Jan 26

Impact – Jan 26

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Atlanta, GA.

(1)  Trey Miguel def. Mike Jackson…retains his X-Division Championship…Trey hits the Lightning Spiral for the win (06:52)…AFTER…Trey goes looking for his spraypaint under the ring & finds Crazzy Steve instead, who has Trey’s name written all over his chest & back in white paint…Crazzy Steve takes a can of red paint & spray’s Trey’s symbol on his own chest…Trey backs up the ramp, freaked out…Black Taurus comes out behind Trey, forcing Trey to hop into the crowd to escape.

*Josh Alexander backstage with Gia…his next opponent comes from the Golden 6-Shooter tonight & will be a former world champion…Steve Maclin interrupts to remind Josh that while whomever wins tonight is a former world champ, they’ve also been beaten by Maclin & he’s coming for Josh’s world title, so keep “one eye over his shoulder” for Maclin because Scott D’Amore isn’t here to protect him.

(2)  Kushida & Kevin Knight def. The Good Hands…Kushida gets Hotch up in the Electric Chair, Knight knocks him off with an impressive dropkick, then slingshots himself outside to wipe out Skylar on the floor…Kushida transitions to the Hoverboard Lock for the submission win (04:37).

*Gisele Shaw approaches Santino Marella backstage to find out who her partner is tonight…Santino opens a door off camera…Gisele seems pleased while Jai Vidal is over the moon excited to see this “legend.”

*Mickie James approaches Jordynne Grace to thank her for a great match at Hard to Kill but ask her why she came to her aid last week…Jordynne says she was protecting her investment, because she has a contractual rematch coming & wants to bring that Knockouts title back home.

(3)  Death Dollz def. Gisele Shaw & Tara…retain their Knockout Tag Team Championship…big surprise, Gisele has “issues” with another partner…this time it leads to Tara hitting her with the Widow’s Peak & walking away from the match…Taya whips Gisele into Jessicka, who scoops her up…Taya with a headkick & Jessicka with the SICK Driver for the win (06:17).

*Taylor Wilde vignette…the Wilde Witch reads the cards & sees more of Killer Kelly in her future…& is thankful.

*Santino talks to Dave LaGreca backstage…Bully Ray interrupts, wants to know why he’s the only former World Champ not in the #1 contender match…Santino says Bully just had a chance at the title & lost…Bully reminds him what happened to the last guy who “ran thing” around here before walking away.

*Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans backstage with Gia, who asks how the recent losses are affecting their tag team…Tasha doesn’t like the question, says, “This isn’t working” & walks away.

(4)  Ace Austin & Chris Bey def. Major Players…Bey takes Cardona over with a unique roll up, but he’s not the legal man…Ace with a Back-bridging Roll Up on Cardona for the win (06:59)…AFTER…Joe Hendry out, accepts Cardona’s challenge for the Digital Media Championship…Hendry then plays a music video to make fun of Cardona (like he did with Moose)…the hook is, “To Me You Will Always Be Edge’s Bitch.”

*Major Players find Moose backstage warming up for his #1 contender match…Cardona says that Impact Wrestling has a Joe Hendry problem, but don’t worry because the Major Players will “take care of him.”

(5)  Jonathan Gresham def. Sheldon Jean…Gresham almost turns Jean’s knee inside out with a wrenching of his leg…with Jean on his knees Gresham delivers a Forearm Shiver to the back of the head for the pinfall win (03:04).

(6)  Rich Swann def. Rhino, Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin, Moose, & Callihan…in the GOLDEN 6-SHOOTER ELIMINATION MATCH…Moose Spears Rhino, but Callihan kicks Moose in the head & steals the cover to eliminate Rhino (04:34)…PCO makes his way out onto the stage, distracting Eddie & allowing Sabin to hit a Helluva Kick & jump into a Tornado Small Package Roll Up to eliminate Edwards (14:34)…Moose with a Spear to eliminate Sabin (16:38)…Moose is slamming Swann’s knee into the canvas, but Swann counters with a headscissor takeover & sits back into a Roll Up to eliminate Moose (25:23)…The Design down to ringside…Deaner demands Callihan “take him out” & finish the job with his former friend Rich Swann…Swann drops Callihan with a spinning back kick to the head & hits a 2nd buckle 450 Splash to eliminate Callihan for the win (28:29)…making Rich Swann the #1 Contender to Josh Alexander’s Impact World Championship…AFTER…

*The Design triple team Rich SwannDeaner feeds Swann to a conflicted Callihan for a Cactus Driver but he hesitates & Yuya Uemora races down to break it up…he’s outnumbered & quickly finds himself under the boots of Kon & Angels until Josh Alexander & Frankie Kazarian make the save & the babyfaces clear the ring of The Design.


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Feb. 2, 2023

+ Ace Austin & Chris Bey vs. Kushida & Kevin Knight

+ Gisele Shaw vs. Savannah Evans


iMPACT!+ NO SURRENDER PREVIEW – Fri. Feb. 24, 2023 – Las Vegas, NV

+ Josh Alexander (c) vs. Rich Swann – for the Impact World Championship

+ Mickie James (c) vs. Masha Slamovich – for the Knockout Championship


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