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AEW Dynamite – Oct 18

AEW Dynamite – Oct 18

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AEW Dynamite Results

*Live from Cincinnati, OH.

Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Tazz are on the call this evening.

Show kicks off with the Trios Championship.

Death Triangle defeats Best Friends and Orange Cassidy (11:46) – Death Triangle used a new entrance where the spotlight went from Penta to Fenix to Pac. It was pretty cool. Not sure the last time Chuck Taylor got a haircut, but I feel bad for his barber who certainly lost out on some business in the last year. Death Triangle hit synchronized dive to the floor. Excalibur made reference to the battles the Lucha Bros had at TripleMania 3 days ago (brutal matches – Penta won a mask v. mask match against Villano IV). Pac went for the hammer, but Rey Fenix pulled the hammer away from his partner and returned it to the timekeeper (some disagreement in the Death Triangle). Fenix kneed Trent in the head and used a sit-down tombstone for the pinfall victory.

Video Package for Hangman (c) v. Jon Moxley. The promo work ahead of this match has been crazy good.

Tony Schiavone with Britt Baker, Rebel, and Jamie Hayter – Jamie says that one of them will be interim women’s world champion by the end of the year. Toni time is over.

Toni Storm (c) defeats Hikaru Shida to retain the Interim AEW Women’s World Championship (8:41) – Can we see Shida become Shida 3 belts? Toni Storm used Storm Zero for the pinfall victory.

After. . .Jamie Hayter and Rebel came through the crowd to attack Toni Storm as Britt Baker‘s music hits and she makes her way to the ring, Saraya’s music follows leading to a Baker/Saraya brawl into the crowd. Riho makes a surprise return coming out next and clearing the ring of Jamie and Rebel.

Video Package replaying the arrival of the Kingdom, but War-Joe does not like them. Samoa Joe says they had six million ways to die, and they still chose the wrong way.

Renee Paquette with FTR. Renee asks FTR when they’ll expand their collection. They want the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Swerve and Keith Lee come out. Swerve in Our Glory wants their shot at the AEW Tag Titles. Dax suggests that next week they have a #1 contender match. Keith Lee says indubitably, but Swerve doesn’t seem to understand what that means.

Alex Marvez with Jay Lethal and Darby Allin. Jay wants a rematch. Sonjay says they know Darby’s weakness. There wasn’t supposed to be any physicality, but that didn’t last long. Lethal and Dutt close the garage door on Darby Allin before putting a figure four leg-lock on Darby. .

Tony Schiavone with William Regal. Immediately interrupted by MJF. Regal puts his brass knuckles on, but MJF seems to put him at ease for story time. Max talks about getting some WWE extra work at the Barclays Center. Apparently Regal says they all had tryout matches. After MJF had his extra match, Regal brought him aside and gave Max three minutes to sell himself. Regal told Max he would get him a job, but Regal apologized when he realized MJF was just 19 years old. The crowd chants, “you F’d up.” William Regal tells MJF to send him a match and a promo monthly. After month three, Regal sent him a pretty intense rejection email. Max says that email made him want to kill himself. Friedman calls Regal a sad withered old man who got fired. Max brings up the bidding war of 2024. He reads that email whenever he needs a good hearty laugh because Regal is a joke. Regal begins speaking to a chorus of boos, but he tells MJF that he wasn’t casting Max aside. William Regal wanted to light a fire under Max. If all it took was an email to motivate MJF, then Max had it easy. Regal gives MJF a hard time for putting his hands on Tony Schiavone. William Regal says he was an ODV – Ordinary Decent Villain. Regal turns his back and says if you want to be the devil go ahead. The segment ends with Regal saying, “You still have a lot to prove.” Excellent segment.

Chris Jericho and Dalton Castle video package.

Renee Paquette with the Acclaimed and Billy Gunn. They set up their Rampage match with Tony Nese and Josh Woods.

Renee Paquette with Bryan Danielson and Wheeler Yuta. Bryan says it is not fun to lose a match especially to Chris Jericho. Danielson had a lot of high hopes for Garcia, but Wheeler Yuta keeps shaking his head as Bryan talks about Garcia potentially surpassing him. Yuta is angry that Bryan didn’t see Garcia’s double cross coming.

Bobby Cruise does the introductions for the ROH World Title.

Final Battle announced fro December 10th at 3PM.

Chris Jericho (c) with Jake Hager defeats Dalton Castle with the Boys to retain the ROH World Championship (12:25) – Ian Riccaboni is on commentary. Excellent ring entrance for Dalton Castle tonight. Jericho attempted to adhere to the Code of Honor (for once), but Dalton Castle reaches into his pants looking for something. Deep in the recesses of his trunks, Dalton finds a middle finger. Before the picture in picture break, Castle tosses the boys into Jake Hager. Castle countered Jericho’s codebreaker and hit Bang-A-Rang for a near fall. Jericho hit a Judas Effect out of nowhere for the pinfall victory. Really good match here.

After the match, Chris Jericho stood on the entrance to say, “All Honor the Ocho.” Jericho then turns his attention to Ian Riccaboni, but Jerry Lynn comes to Ian’s rescue. Jericho uses a tombstone on Lynn on the ROH World Title.

Look back at Christian Cage and Luchasaurus’ run against Jungle Boy.

Renee with Kiera, Leila, and Jade Cargill – Kiera Hogan says that Nyla will be at Rampage in Jacksonville. Jade says either TK gets Nyla to bring her the belt, or she will hijack the show for 60 minutes.

Jon Moxley (c) defeats Hangman Adam Page to retain the AEW World Championship (11:54) – Hangman ran into the crowd to meet Jon Moxley as he made his entrance. Page did a moonsault off the 100 level to the floor (Sting vibes). Moxley is of course busted open before the match even starts. Regal is on commentary and MJF is of course watching from above. Prior to the picture in picture break, Hangman Page hit a deadeye on the apron. Moxley hit Hangman Page with a clothesline, and Page landed on his face. It was apparently a really bad landing. Doc Sampson called the match, so Moxley wins by stoppage.

It seems that the commentary team is stalling because the show still has 8 minutes left.

Excalibur goes over the Rampage card.

Jon Moxley Promo – Moxley says he hopes that Hangman Page can perform again. Jon has a live mic and calls out MJF. Max come out with Bryce, and he makes it look like he’s going to cash it the chip. Max gives the chip to Regal. He says when he cashes that chip in, he wants Mox 100%. MJF announces that he’s cashing in his chip at Full Gear. Moxley says MJF will earn the heel of his boot in MJF’s mouth.


AEW Rampage – Oct. 21, 2022 

+ The Acclaimed (c) v. Tony Nese and Josh Woods – Titles v. Trademark

+ Hook (c) vs. Ariya Daivari – for the FTW Championship

+ Pres10 Vance vs. Rush

+ Penelope Ford v. Willow Nightingale

+ Jade Cargill plans to confront Nyla Rose and get her TBS Title back.


AEW Dynamite – Oct. 26, 2022 – Norfolk Virginia

+ FTR v. Swerve in Our Glory – AEW World Tag Team Championships

+ Riho v. Jamie Hayter

+ Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia v. Claudio and Wheeler Yuta

+ Bryan Danielson v. Sammy Guevara

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