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Raw – Oct 17

Raw – Oct 17

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Raw Results

*Live from Oklahoma City, OK

*Bobby Lashley is already in the ring & calls out Brock Lesnar…the fight starts immediately on the floor…Lashley spears Brock through the barricade & then slams him through the announce desk before a swarm of refs, agents, security, & wrestlers come between them.

(1)  The OC def. Alpha Academy…Magic Killer on Chad, Gallows covers for the win (08:41)…AFTER…The Judgment Day out, Balor challenges the OC to a 6-man tag at Crown Jewel…AJ accepts, but he wants to fight right now…AJ challenges Dom when he pipes up…they’ll fight later tonight.

*Seth Rollins to the ring…he welcomes OKC to Monday Night Rollins…says his 1st defense will be against Riddle in the main event tonight…Mustafa Ali interrupts, wants a shot at the US title like he had in place with Lashley…Rollins tries to blow Ali off, but he’s not leaving…Rollins starts giving Ali compliments, to set him up for a suckerpunch…Ali comes back at Rollins at ringside…Rollins bunces Ali off the ringpost & heads up the aisle.

*JBL’s horned limo pulls into the parking area as we go to commercial…

(2)  Damage CTRL def. Bianca Belair & Candice LeRae…when Bianca winds up on the floor, Bayley leaves the announce desk & grabs a kendo stick from under the ring…Bianca tackles Bayley across the desk…in the ring Damage CTRL hits a doubleteam flip slam on Candice, Dakota covers for the win (12:31).

*Matt Riddle backstage with Cathy Kelley…Riddle says Seth can make whatever excuses he wants about the fight pit, Riddle plans to take the US title from him tonight…Riddle bumps into Mustafa Ali & tells him when he wins the US title, he will give Ali the shot he deserves…nearby Miz is loudly faking a knee injury to try to get out of his match with Lumis tonight…Riddle & Ali are off to find a trainer for Miz.

*Cora Jade approaches Rhea Ripley backstage…asks her to face Roxanne Perez tomorrow on NXT…Rhea accepts.

*JBL to the ring…apologizes to the world for making this momentous announcement in Oklahoma (masterful cheap local heat!)…JBL then runs down Rey Mysterio, who left for SmackDown in a trade that lead to Baron Corbin coming to Raw…Corbin is still wearing a stupid hat, but lost the Tommy Bahama shirt & returns to tights…JBL anoints Corbin as the “Modern-day Wrestling God.”

(3)  Baron Corbin def. Dolph Ziggler…Corbin uses the Clothesline from Hell…Ziggler kicks out of a Deep-6…Corbin kicks out of the ZigZag…Corbin hits the End of Days for the win (13:40)…as JBL puts Corbin over from the announce desk like Don Callis verbally fellating Kenny Omega.

*Miz is approached by Byron Saxton in the trainer’s room…Miz blamed the janitorial staff for the wet floor that lead to his injury, but the staff says it hasn’t been mopped since last night…Johnny Gargano yells, “Oh my God, it’s Dexter Lumis” from just outside the door & Miz jumps off the table in fear, making a miraculous recovery.

*MVP & Omos backstage promo…MVP celebrates Braun Strowman’s size & ferocity…but Omos fears no man & he’s headed to SmackDown to prove it…monsters aren’t real, but giants are.

*Cameron Grimes approaches AJ Styles & the OC backstage, looking for tag partners to face the Schism…Gallows & Anderson accept after explaining that they’re all about the money & they know Grimes is rich.

(4)  Dominik Mysterio def. AJ Styles…while Finn Balor & Damian Priest get into it with The OC at ringside, Rhea Ripley interferes with AJ allowing Dom to Roll Up Styles for the win (15:02).

*Johnny Gargano approaches Miz backstage…Johnny says that if Miz wants out of the match all he has to do is tell the truth…Miz pretends not know what Johnny means, so Johnny just wishes Miz good luck.

*Miz attacks Dexter Lumis with a steel chair during his entrance…drops him with a Skull-crushing Finale onto the chair in the aisle.

*Damage CTRL backstage with Byron Saxton…they’ve gotten rid of Alexa & Asuka already…and Shotzi & Raquel are next…Bayley says next week she will show Bianca what it’s like when she’s back in control.

*Johnny Gargano approaches Miz backstage again…Johnny says attacking Dexter isn’t going to get him to stop…& if Miz doesn’t “come clean” then Johnny will blow the whistle on him.

*Elias in the ring, he has a special song prepared…Matt Riddle interrupts with some bongos…Seth Rollins saves us from the fact that Elias plays the keyboards just as badly as he does the guitar…

(5)  Seth Rolins def. Matt Riddle…retains his United States Championship…Rollins shoves Elias at ringside & when the ref turns his back Elias lays out Rollins with a jumping knee…after the break, a Rollins frogsplash attempt lands him into Riddle’s triangle…Rollins escapes with a Rampage Buckle Bomb…Rollins rolls out & dares Elias to hits him (hoping for the DQ) but when he doesn’t, Rollins drops Elias with a right hand…back in, Riddle hits the draping DDT but as he goes for the RKO Rollins shoves him off & into Elias who has entered the ring for some reason…in the confusion Rollins hits the Stomp on Riddle for the win (15:04)…AFTER…Rollins Stomps Elias as well…Rollins sets up to Stomp Riddle onto the US title but is cut off by Mustafa Ali, making good on his promise to become Rollins’ “problem”…Ali beats Rollins to ringside & Rollins escapes through the crowd as the show ends.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Oct. 24, 2022 

+ Bianca Belair vs. Bayley


WWE  CROWN JEWEL PREVIEW – Sat., Nov. 5, 2022 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

+ Roman Reigns (c) vs. Logan Paul – for the Undisputed Universal Championship

+ Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley

+ The OC vs. The Judgment Day – in a 6-Man Tag Match (challenge made but match not officially announced yet)


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