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August 29th NWA 73

August 29th NWA 73

NWA 73 Results

Tonight’s NWA 73 PPV takes place from the historic Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis. Tonight’s lineup includes:

  • Ric Flair appearance
  • NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch.
  • NWA Women’s Champion Kamille vs. Chelsea Green
  • NWA National Champion Chris Adonis vs. James Storm.
  • NWA Tag Team Champions Aron Stevens & Kratos vs. Mecha World & Bestia 666.
  • Mickie James vs. Kylie Rae.
  • Thom Latimer vs. Crimson vs. Tim Storm in “Brawl in the Lou.”
  • NWA TV Champion Tyrus & The Masked Man & Jordan Clearwater with Austin Idol vs. The End & The Pope
  • 12 Man Battle Royal to determine top contender for the NWA National Championship.

Marti Belle, Allysin Kay, and Lady Frost defeats Taryn Terrel, Jennacide, and Paola Blaze – Pre Show Match – 05:07

  • Marti and AK hit their finisher on Paola, but Lady Frost tagged herself into the match. Frost hit a beautiful moonsault for the pinfall victory.

PJ Hawx defeats Colby Corino – 06:59

  • PJ used the Hawx Clutch for the submission victory.

Tonight’s Aron Stevens and Kratos Promo is a Spoof of the 70’s

Conrad Thompson is on Commentary

Tim Storm defeats Crimson and Thom Latimer – Brawl in the Lou – 09:09

  • Jax Dane attacked Crimson on his way to the ring. I guess that’s the end of the War Kings.
  • Thom Latimer took advantage of the situation by hitting Tim Storm with a chair. For some reason, the referee actually called for the bell to start the match.
  • Latimer hit a senton off a ladder through a barricade on Tim Storm.
  • Crimson came back to ringside.
  • Tim Storm hit the Perfect Storm on Crimson for the pinfall victory.

Mickie James defeats Kylie Rae – 05:35

  • Mickie hit the McDDT for the pinfall victory.
  • After the match, Deonna Purrazzo attacked Kylie Rae.

Tim Storm Takes Over for Conrad Thompson

Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater, and Mystery Man defeat The Pope and The End – 12:51

  • Apparently there is some weird six man non-sanctioned belt on the line.
  • Capitalizing on a distraction, Tyrus hit Odin with a Heart Punch.
  • The Mystery Man tagged himself in and took the pin.

Chris Adonis defeats Cowboy James Storm – NWA National Championship – 14:04

  • After James Storm hit the superkick, the referee slapped the mat three times but didn’t call for the bell because Adonis’ foot was on the rope.
  • When Storm realized the issue, Adonis hit a double leg takedown on Storm and put his feet on the ropes for the pinfall victory. Referee didn’t see Adonis’ illegal legs on the ropes this time.

Kyle Davis Brings Out Ric Flair

  • He looks incredible and his promo is incredible.
  • What an incredible promo.
  • He thanks Vince, Hunter, and Shawn time after time and told some great stories.

Judaias wins the Battle Royal – 21:21

  • Winner to become #1 contender for NWA National Title.
  • Participants: Rudo, Luke Hawx, Jamie Stanley, JTG, Slice Boogie, Marshe Rocket, Sal Rinauro, Jeremiah Plunkett, Captain Yuma, Rush Freeman, Jaiden, Mims,
  • Judais is a surprise entrance with Father James Mitchell
  • Rules of this match do not require you to go over the top rope.
  • Judais wins by last eliminating JTG

Kamille defeats Chelsea Green – NWA World Women’s Championship – 12:30

  • Kamille used a submission on Chelsea’s arm for the win.

La Rebelion defeats Aron Stevens and Kratos – NWA World Tag Titles – 13:54

  • Konnan accompanied La Rebelion to the ring.
  • La Rebelión used the Mark of the Beast for the pinfall victory.
  • La Rebelión are the new NWA World Tag Team Champions.


  • Talks about interpromotional cooperation and in the inclusiveness of the business today.

Trevor Murdoch defeats Nick Aldis – NWA World Championship – 16:29

  • This match is Career v. Title.
  • After a long battle on the outside, Billy got in a spat with Nick Aldis.
  • They finally got in the ring to start the match.
  • Trevor hit the bulldog for the pinfall victory.
  • Trevor Murdoch is the new NWA World Champion.

Ric Flair Comes to the Ring to Congratulate Trevor Murdoch


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