Minutes to Bell Time

August 31st NXT

August 31st NXT

NXT Results

(1)  Sarray defeats Mandy Rose by COUNTOUTJayce/Gigi accompany Mandy…Mandy refuses to shake at the opening bell…Sarray hits a dropkick to the face of a seated Mandy, knocking her out of the ring & to the floor…Jayce/Gigi scramble to get a towel to cover “injured” Mandy’s face & lead her backstage, causing the countout (06:52).

*Ciampa backstage with an empty chair next to him…dedicates tonight’s ass-whippin’ to Toothless Timmy…“a motivated Ciampa is a scary Ciampa.”

(2)  Kyle O’Reilly defeats Duke Hudson…O’Reilly with plenty of kinesio tape on those injured ribs…Hudson focuses his attack accordingly…Kyle hits the diving top buckle knee drop to Hudson’s leg & sinks in the heel hook for the submission win (11:58).

*Ilja Dragunov to the ring with a pronounced limp…before he heads home he wanted everyone to see he was still alive (leads to a “Please don’t go” chant)…he’s proud to have shown the world what it takes to be NXT UK Champion & wonders aloud who will have the nerve to step up & try to take it from him…reminds us that the Ring General has fallen, long live the Czar!

*Kay Lee Ray sits down with Arash Markazi…she believes this women’s division needs a boost…says Zoey is hiding behind Io…Dakota couldn’t get the job done…Ember is one Gory Bomb away from a broken heart (?)…she dominated in the UK, now she’s here to dominate in the US.

*Carmello Hayes backstage with McKenzie…maybe he goes after Kushida, maybe Swerve, maybe all the way to the top to face Joe…Elektra Lopez interrupts, followed by the rest of Legado…Santos says he’s going to let him slide for mentioning the North American title…but stay out of his business.

(3)  Imperium defeat Drake Maverick/Grayson Waller…Waller, playing the part of the impetuous rookie, tags himself in…Euro-Bomb, cover by Barthel for the win (03:08).

*Indi in The Way’s locker room, asks Johnny to “please, just give him a chance”…Johnny rolls his eyes but says he’ll think about it, turns around & gets startled by Lumis standing right behind him.

*Dunne/Lorcan/Burch/Holland backstage…Holland tells Ciampa it’s nice he’s dedicated their match to Thatcher, they can talk about it in their side-by-side hospital beds.

*Jayce Jayne/Gigi Dolan seen leaving Sarray’s locker room, accompanied by the sounds of a (presumably) beaten down Warrior of the Sun.

(4)  LA Knight defeats Johnny GarganoIn-Dex at ringside…Lumis catches Johnny, saving him from a fall to the floor…moments later Lumis reaches out for Johnny & as Johnny considers giving in to the moment & touching hands, LA Knight uses the distraction to spin Johnny around & hit the BFT for the win (14:13).

*MSK knock politely on GM Regal’s door…they want to offer Lorcan/Burch a shot at the titles they never lost…Regal had intended to deny this title shot as punishment for Lorcan & Burch’s involvement in the Thatcher beat down, but grants it at the champs’ request.

*Boa announces that Mei Ying will show us all the power of Tian Sha…Mei Ying competes next week!

(5)  Raquel Gonzalez defeats Jessi Kamea…Chingona Bomb for the win (02:43)… AFTER…Raquel & Franky Monet exchange unfriendly glances.

*Ember Moon backstage with McKenzie…she’s trying to enjoy her birthday but not pleased to hear her name in Kay Lee Ray’s mouth…suggests they do something about it next week.

*Samoa Joe sits down with Wade Barrett…Joe is concentrating on setting the precedent for the future of NXT…who will step up & try to fulfill their destiny?

(6)  Roderick Strong defeats Ikeman Jiro…OPEN CHALLENGE…Bivens, Hatchiman, & the Creed Brothers accompany Strong to the ring…two End of Heartache backbreakers for the win (04:57)…AFTER…Diamond Mine pose over the fallen Jiro as Strong continues to call out Kushida.

*Io/Zoey and Kacy/Kayden backstage with McKenzie…Kacy/Kayden feel they have the upper hand because they’re a real team…Io doesn’t like any of them, but knows she will win…they face off next week for the women’s tag titles.

*Cameron Grimes backstage with McKenzie…interrupted by GYV…they make fun of Grimes with a Million Dollar Belt replica…Grimes says it feel significantly heavier than the one DiBiase gave him, proceeds to drops it on Gibson’s toe & leaves him screaming in pain.

(7)  Tommaso Ciampa defeats Ridge Holland…Willow’s Bell for the win (12:04)…AFTER…Dunne/Lorcan/Burch attack Ciampa…MSK down for the save, clear the ring.


WWE NXT PREVIEW – September 7, 2021

+ MSK (c) vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch – NXT Tag Team Championship

+ Mei Ying in action

+ Zoey Stark & Io Shirai (c) vs. Kacy & Kayden – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

+ Ember Moon vs. Kay Lee Ray



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