Minutes to Bell Time

August 30th Raw

August 30th Raw

Raw Results

Damian Priest to the Ring

  • He plans to show the US title the respect it deserves.
  • Priest says he won’t run away like Bobby Lashley, so he asks who will step up to the open challenge.
  • It’s Sheamus . . . of course . . . who else would it be. It’s weird because Sheamus has a match with Lashley later.
  • Drew McIntyre comes out. Apparently the US title has eluded Drew McIntyre.
  • Lashley comes out.
    • The crowd just chants Goldberg, but MVP says “that problem” has been dealt with. . .
  • MVP says Bobby wants to become a double champion.
  • Randy Orton and Matt Riddle walk out next.
  • Orton calls Bobby a greedy SOB.
  • Now Bobby says maybe he’ll take the Tag Titles.
  • Riddle offers a title match to MVP and Lashley.
  • Adam Pearce and Sonya walk out.
    • Pearce says Priest will defend against Sheamus and McIntyre in a triple threat match.
    • Sonya says RK-Bro v. Lashley and Sheamus

Rhea Ripley defeats Shayna Baszler – 10:30

  • Ripley announces that Nikki ASH will be in her corner.
  • Nia Jax says by the end of the match, she’ll splatter Nikki and Rhea all over the ring. Same goes for Charlotte Flair later on.
  • After Nia hit Nikki Cross with a Samoan Drop on the floor, Rhea got distracted.
  • Shayna attempted to roll Rhea up, but Rhea reversed the cradle for the pinfall victory.

Viking Raiders Promo

  • After tonight, everyone will realize that the Raid is on.

Viking Raiders defeat Jinder Mahal and Veer – 04:46

  • The Viking Raiders hit the Viking Experience on Jinder for the pinfall.

Damian Priest (c) defeats Sheamus and Drew McIntyre – United States Championship Match – 21:28

  • Priest used the Reckoning to get the pinfall victory over Drew McIntyre.

Goldberg Says He’s Coming for Lashley’s Soul

Reggie Evades Truth and Tozawa in the Park

Eva Marie v. Doudrop

  • The match doesn’t start because Doudrop attacks Marie before the bell.
  • Doudrop announces herself as the winner.

Karrion Kross defeats Humberto Carrillo – 04:15

  • Kross used the Saito suplex to setup for the Kross Jacket for the submission victory.

Nia Jax Promo

Riddle and Randy Backstage

  • Riddle talks about all the stuff he’s good at doing.

Nia Jax defeats Charlotte Flair – 13:47

  • This match was horrible.
  • Nia Jax powerbombed Charlotte for the pinfall victory.
  • Luckily this was non-title.

Omos defeats John Morrison – 02:02

  • Omos used a double armed chokeslam for the pinfall victory.

AJ Styles defeats Xavier Woods – 07:09

  • Styles used the calf crusher for the submission victory.

RK Bro (c) defeats Lashley and MVP – Raw Tag Team Championship Match – 11:53

  • Riddle used the Floating Bro for the pinfall victory.
  • After the match, Lashley went after Riddle, but Randy gave the WWE Champion an RKO for his troubles.



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