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Adam’s Take on FWA’s Fear of the Dark

Adam’s Take on FWA’s Fear of the Dark

“Adam’s Take on FWA’s Fear of the Dark” comes from Contributor “Alcoholic” Adam Pokrajac. Pokrajac routinely provides the cold hard truth on Australian Wrestling with a heavy focus on New South Wales. He believes this is the most under appreciated wrestling scene in the world today and he reviews it with a beer in his hand.

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Your favourite Alcoholic Adam breaks down FWA’s Fear of the Dark event that takes place on the 28th of March at 1:30 AM Eastern Time (4:30 PM Local Time in Australia). To watch the event head over to Sports Flick where you can catch the action live.


AJ v Parker Tomas (C) (Mercury Championship)

  • This match has come about by AJ being the clear no.1 contender through winning in his last two outings for FWA and laying waste to the rest of the roster.
  • Being the fighting Champion, Tomas won’t back down to a challenge.
  • Just be prepared for a run-in by AJ or Parker’s faction CBK and Debauchery.
  • Adam’s Prediction: With a very dusty finish, AJ wins the championship with the ref being distracted by both teams interfering. AJ goes low to capitalize.

Big Rig Fox v Sam Osborne

  • Big Rig wants to expose the Myth that is Sam Osborne. He doesn’t believe the hype plus if Osborne doesn’t win this match, he is just a mark . . .  not a wrestler.
  • Osborne is the most well rounded wrestler (not just in Australia but the world), and is one of the main reasons why Alcoholic Adam puts him over in serval of his fantasy bookings.
  • Adam’s Prediction: Osborne’s ground game is too strong and proves to be the difference maker when Osborne locks in a heel hook.

Kelly Anne v Jey Dewhurst

  • After so much time off, Dewhurst has returned and will be looking to make an impact with his persona. Can it be enough to take down one of the toughest and most well respected wrestlers in Kelly Anne?
  • The last time Kelly Anne wrestled at FWA, she failed to capture the FWA’s women’s championship. She’ll definitely want another bite at the cherry by picking a win here.
  • Adam’s Prediction: Kelly Anne won’t be phased by Dewhurst’s diva tactics and will pick up a convincing win.

Donnie Mako(C) & Mystery Partner v The Buccaneer & Rochelle Rogue v CBK Tyson Reed & Ben Braxton

  • A win for Buccaneer or CBK could be huge and put them right in title contention . . . even if 1 half of the FWA tag team Champions isn’t teaming with his regular partner Rhys Angel.
  • With the mystery, it creates a lot of intrigue and begs the question of why isn’t Mako teaming with Rhys? All we can do is speculate who will be Donnie’s partner. One option could be either Paris De Silva or Jude “The Dude” London. After Donnie and Rhys took the titles off The Velocities, they earned the former champion’s respect. Jay Sorbet has teamed with Donnie before and might have a one-night reunion.
  • Adam’s Prediction: Paris De Silva will be the mystery partner, and CBK will pick up the win dismantling and absolutely brutalizing their opponents on their way to victory.

Aysha v Xena (C) (FWA Women’s Championship)

  • After winning the FWA women’s championship for the third time, Xena is looking to make a huge statement by defending her championship against Aysha who is making her FWA debut.
  • Aysha is no mug. She has been wrestling for a few years honing her craft mostly at PCW and being a part of RB4k.
  • Adam’s Prediction: Xena wins as she is a 3-time Champion for a reason, and she knows what it takes to hold on to a title.

 Massive Q V Cesar

  • After the result of the last show where the Pirates won by cheating, Massive Q wants a fair singles match. Since he hasn’t faced Cesar, Cesar will have to take the brunt of the punishment
  • Adam’s prediction: Massive Q will use his strength advantage to overpower Cesar, but the difference maker will be Cesar Special Rum . . . which gives him an aura of near invincibility.

5 Star Flash v JXT

  • Fivey wants to continue the growth of his name by challenging one of the premier talents in JXT, who has worked for some of the top independent promotions such as GCW.
  • JXT replies saying he is happy to grow Australian and accepts as no one can mimic his gimmick. He takes a few shots at 5 Star Flash for impersonating Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Adam’s Prediction: 5 Star flash wins by hitting a stone cold stunner.

Big Fudge v Lex Lennock v “Tuff Stuff” Ricky South (C) (FWA Heavyweight Championship

  •  In the main event of the evening, we have FWA’s top prize on the line.
  • This was meant to be a singles match between 2 big hosses (Ricky & Lex), but all that changed when Fudge announced that he will be cashing in his road to glory plaque. The Road to Glory Plaque shares the same concept as WWE’s Money in the Bank. As a result, the match is now a triple threat match.
  • Fudge will face an uphill battle with these 2 Goliaths in the same match. Both Ricky & Lennock share a strength advantage over Fudge.
  • Adam’s prediction: Ricky is the longest heavyweight champion in FWA for a reason, and he will continue to rack up the days and retain his championship.

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That’s all for now and I’ll see you at the local many bevs, Alcoholic Adam

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