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Hard to Kill – Jan 13

Hard to Kill – Jan 13

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iMPACT! Hard to Kill Results

*LIVE on PPV from Atlanta, GA.

(Countdown 1)  Kushida def. Angels, Yuya Uemora, Mike Jackson, Delirious, & Mike Bailey…in a 6-WAY X-DIVISION SCRAMBLE…around the 6 minute mark Kenny King knocks Bailey off the top buckle, essentially taking him out of the match…Kushida pulls Angels off the top buckle with a modified Spanish Fly that he transitions directly into the Armbar for the submission win (07:28).

(Countdown 2)  Trey Miguel def. Black Taurus…retains his X-Division Championship…Trey hits the top buckle Meteora but Taurus kicks out at 2…Trey goes under the ring for some plunder & slides back in with a can of spraypaint clearly in his hand…as the ref disarms him immediately, Trey goes into his tights for another can of spraypaint…Taurus gets Trey up for Destination Hellhole, but Trey blinds him with paint to the eyes again…Trey hits the Lightning Spiral for the win (10:16).

*The PPV opens with a 10 Bell Salute for Don West.

(3)  Josh Alexander def. Bully Ray…in a FULL METAL MAYHEM MATCH to retain his Impact World Championship…Bully makes his entrance, then leaves the ring to hide at the side of the stage…Bully attacks Josh from behind during his entrance with a steel chain-loaded shot to the back of the head…Bully yanks the world title off Josh & blasts him in the face with it & the champ is busted open before the bell…cheese graters, trashcans, chains, tables, ladders, & chairs all come into play…around the 9 minute mark Jason Hotch & John Skylar join Bully for a 3-man 3-D, but Josh kicks out at 2…after Hotch & Skylar help zip-tie Josh to the top rope, Tommy Dreamer down for the save & takes out Hotch & Skylar…Dreamer feigns a turn & takes a trashcan from Bully to use on Josh, but uses it on Bully instead…Dreamer has Bully up for the Spicoli Driver but Bully escapes & spears Dreamer through a table leaned in the corner…Josh’s wife Jen (who isn’t even supposed to be in the building) hops the barricade & puts herself in front of her husband…Bully demands her wedding ring to give Josh mercy…Jen instead delivers a low blow uppercut & follows with an Acid Drop…Jen frees Josh from the zipties…Josh lays Bully on a table in the ring after some chairshots, then hits a frogsplash off a 10’ ladder positioned outside the ring on the raised entry ramp…Bully kicks out amid the rubble of the table but Josh transitions right into an Ankle Lock to get the tap & the submission win (17:41).

*Mickie James has an emotional chat with Tara in her dressing room…Raven interrupts, says he was there in the beginning & in case this is the end he wanted to be here tonight…but he doesn’t think it will be.

(4)  Motor City Machine Guns def. Major Player, Heath & Rhino, and Ace Austin & Chris Bey…in a 4-WAY ELIMINATION MATCH to retain their Impact Tag Team Championship…there’s an 8-man brawl that lasts several minutes before we get to 2 men in the ring & officially start the match…Myers with a thumb to Rhino’s eye & Cardona with a Roll Up of Rhino for the 1st elimination (03:44)…Bey with the Ace-assisted Art of Finesse on Myers, Ace with the Fold, & Bey makes the cover for the 2nd elimination (10:26)…but the Major Players return a few minutes later to interfere…the 2 remaining teams join forces to deal with them…Machine Guns with the DirtBomb on Bey, Sabin covers for the win (13:11).

*Frankie Kazarian to the ring…he had the opportunity to re-sign with AEW but instead chose to return to Impact Wrestling & signed a long-term deal to come “home.”

(5)  Joe Hendry def. Moose…to retain his Digital Media Championship…Moose gets in Hendry’s face before the bell & Hendry slaps him…the ref rings the bell while Hendry still has his title around his waist & away we go…Moose grabs the belt off the timekeeper’s table & brings it into the ring in full view of the ref…when the ref takes it & goes to return it to the timekeeper, Moose delivers a low blow punt…Moose hits the Spear & gets the 1-2-3 (11:09)…BUT…Santino Marella makes his way out on the stage (his accent is back)…he is the new Director of Authority at Impact Wrestling…he calls Moose a “cheating sunna-ma-gun” & orders the match to be restarted…Hendry catches Moose coming off the rope & delivers the Standing Ovation for the win (11:52).

*Kenny King backstage promo…lots of big words for Mike Bailey…“see you in the pit.”

(6)  Masha Slamovich def. Deonna Purrazzo, Taylor Wilde, & Killer Kelly…in a KNOCKOUTS #1 CONTENDER MATCH…Kelly has Deonna in the Killer Clutch but Masha breaks it up by dropping Wilde on top of them with a Snowplow…Masha covers Wilde for the win (08:35).

*Raven joins Tom & “Jerry” at the announce desk…Gia Miller tries to get a word with Rich Swann backstage but Steve Maclin attacks him & the ref rings the bell for…

(7)  Steve Maclin def. Rich Swann…in a NO DQ, FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE IN ATLANTA MATCH…the match starts backstage & quickly spills outside the arena to the back lot…they almost get hit by a car leaving the parking deck…around the 5 minute mark they brawl back into the arena & to ringside…Maclin drops Swann with the KIA on a handicap ramp leading out of the arena for the win (11:44).

(8)  Jonathan Gresham def. Eddie Edwards…Gresham starts working the left arm of Edwards early on…Gresham kicks out of a Tiger Driver but Eddie finally connects with the Boston Knee Party for the win (18:54)…AFTER…the lights go out & thunderclaps fill the arena…PCO appears in the ring with Edwards…PCO spits out a mouthful of Las Vegas desert sand, hits Edwards with a shovel & delivers a chokeslam.

*Mickie James, who apparently has some Native American heritage, is brought out by a Native drum & dance group…she has family at ringside…Jordynne Grace makes her entrance wearing a warm up top with the words “Final Stop” across the back.

(9)  Mickie James def. Jordynne Grace…in a TITLE vs. CAREER MATCH…to become the NEW Knockouts Champion…James connects with the Mick-Kick, follows with the Mick-DT but Grace kicks out at 2…James avoids a corner charge & Grace slides between the buckles & slams into the post…James with a Tornado DDT out of the corner for the win (19:09)…AFTER…Mickie is joined by her family & Knockouts Legend Tara for a celebration.


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