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SmackDown – Jan 13

SmackDown – Jan 13

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SmackDown Results

*Live from Green Bay, WI.

(1)  Gunther def. Braun Strowman…retains his Intercontinental Championship…after being sent backstage before the opening bell, Imperium return around the 1o minute mark to attack Strowman & target the shoulder they caused an injury to several weeks ago, while Gunther feigns an injury to take the ref’s attention…Strowman fights them off as we go to break & they’re gone by the time we’re back to live action…Strowman gets Gunther on the 2nd buckle, looking for a superplex…but Gunther manipulates the injured left arm & shoulder to escape…Gunther climb back in & pulls Strowman off the buckle with a sloppy Powerbomb for the win (17:29).

*Sami Zayn is met at the Bloodline dressing room door by Paul Heyman…Sami wants to talk strategy with the rest of the Bloodline but the Wise Man informs Sami that the Tribal Chief felt it would be disrespectful to NOT allow Sami to handle KO on his own tonight, so no one else is here…by the time he’s done talking, Sami is psyched up & says Roman made the right decision.

*Rey Mysterio to the ring…Dom ruined Christmas, but to get back on track Rey plans to enter & win the Royal Rumble…Karrion Kross interrupts, talks trash about Rey as a dad until Rey takes a swing…Kross puts Rey to sleep with the Krossjacket.

*Liv Morgan is told her idea to enter the Rumble at #1 is a big mistake by Emma & Maxxine DupriRaquel Rodriguez tells Liv that someone of her size would be better off entering as late as possible…Liv slaps Raquel & challenges her to a match tonight.

(2)  Tegan Nox def. Xia Li…Nox with the Shiniest Wizard for the win (02:48).

*Sheamus & Drew McIntyre were attacked last week after SmackDown went off the air by the Viking Raiders.

*Viking Raiders vignette…pain & suffering await Sheamus & McIntyre.

*Sheamus & Drew McIntyre are in Adam Pearce’s office…Drew wants the Viking Raiders tonight…Sheamus still wants a piece of the Usos…Pearce says he’s starting a tag tournament next week & they’ll face the Viking Raiders in their 1st round match.

*Bray Wyatt to the ring…says sometimes we forget who we are, but it only takes a small push in the right direction to “revel in what you are”…he is the Eater of Worlds, he is Uncle Howdy, he is HIM…tells LA Knight that when the lights go out at the Rumble…HE SHOULD RUN!

*Kevin Owens backstage with Kayla…Sami Zayn interrupts to ask if KO is happy with the trouble he’s caused…KO reminds him that it was the Bloodline that came to Raw to run their mouths & cause chaos…Sami says KO doesn’t understand that the Bloodline is family & now he has to handle business tonight.

*Gunther (& Imperium) backstage with Kayla…Gunther conquered his biggest challenge to date & now he plans to use that momentum to enter & win the Royal Rumble.

(3)  Raquel Rodriguez def. Liv Morgan…Liv comes off the top buckle for a high cross body but Raquel just swats her away…Raquel drags Liv to her feet & up into the Chingona Bomb for the win (04:47).

*Sonya Deville is demanding a rematch from Adam Pearce for another shot at Charlotte but Pearce is being unreasonable…Sonya leaves, saying she will find a way to get that match.

*Sonya Deville attacks Charlotte Flair during the commercial break & we see refs & agents scrambling to separate them as we come back.

*Cody Rhodes video package…same as the last three weeks.

(4)  Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn by DISQUALIFICATION…Sami delivers back-to-back exploder suplexes & has KO lined up for the Helluva kick when Solo Sikoa & the Usos storm the ring & attack KO, causing the DQ (16:26)…AFTER…it’s a 3-on-1 beating as Sami watches, confused…Jimmy assures Sami that he did his job & they’re just here to help…KO is laid out on the announce desk…Sikoa runs across the barricade in front of the timekeeper’s area & hits an Uso Splash to put KO through the desk.


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