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Impact – March 24

Impact – March 24

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Impact Results

*Emanating from the 2300 Arena in South Philly.

(BTI) Shera defeats Crazzy Steve…Shera hits a (not so) Sky High powerbomb for the win (07:17).

*Josh Alexander to the ring…he’s PISSED after Moose visited his home last week & calls him out…Moose out, has some words for Josh…Josh attacks & they brawl backstage until Madman Fulton & some other members of the locker room pull them apart…after a break Scott D’Amore tries to calm Josh down…Josh continues to want to hear none of it.

(1)  Mike Bailey defeats Willie Mack & Laredo Kid…in a TRIPLE THREAT QUALIFIER…Speedball hits Ultima Weapon on Willie Mack for the win (10:40).

*Bullet Club backstage promo…Jay White thinks the refs have it out for Bullet Club, so next week they do it again with the Motor City Machine Guns…and the Good Brothers plan to use that same old recipe to take back their tag titles tonight.

*Raj Singh & Shera backstage promo…Raj gave Bhupinder Gujjar a chance, but he blew it…now the Indian Lion, Shera, is back.

(2)  Steve Maclin defeats Heath…Maclin fakes interference to get Rhino ejected from ringside…Heath goes for the wake Up call, but Maclin shakes him off & jumps into a stack cover with his feet on the ropes for the win (04:49)…AFTER…Rhino returns to deliver a GORE to Maclin, delighting the Philly faithful.

*All About Me with Tenille Dashwood, with “host” Kaleb…Tenille asks where Kaleb’s loyalties lie…Kaleb feigns spasms in his eternally-injured neck & bolts off the set…but soon finds himself on Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne & Swinger…the same question is asked & Kaleb says he’s with the Influence, but when Madison busts out a “lie detector” apparatus, Kaleb bails again.

*Jonah promo…at Rebellion he’ll show Tomohiro Ishii, like he did with PCO, why he is the Top Dog.

(3)  Violent By Design defeat Good Brothers…in a LUMBERJACK MATCH to retain their iMPACT! Tag Team Championship…low blow by lumberjack Mike Bennett on Anderson, Matt Taven follows with the Climax…EY covers Anderson for the win (07:22).

*Tasha Steelz backstage with Gia…Tasha tells Savannah Evans to take the night off during her upcoming Street Fight with Mickie James.

(4)  Eddie Edwards defeats Rocky Romero…Romero tries to attack Eddie’s injured arm with an armbar but Eddie rolls over into a pinning combo for the win (13:14)…AFTER…Eddie extends his hand to Romero but only as a set up to kick him in the face…Jonathan Gresham down for the save…Gresham & Eddie have brief back & forth but Eddie bails as Gresham begin to take the upper hand…Romero shoves Gresham, apparently not appreciative of the assistance but relents as Gresham extends his hand & the crowd chants for Romero to shake it…they get their way.

*Johnny Swinger welcomes Zicky Dice to Swinger’s Dungeon…but before he can let Zicky get “the full experience” Swinger needs to assess his skill level…so next week they’ll team against two chumps in the Swingman’s Chump-Chump Challenge.

(5)  Tasha Steelz defeats Mickie James…in a PHILADELPHIA STREET FIGHT to retain her Knockouts Championship…after being given the night off earlier by Tasha, Savannah Evans waited all of 2 minutes before interfering…James hits the Mick-D-T & covers Tasha but Savannah pulls Mickie out of the ring…Chelsea Green slides in with a steel chair & backs Tasha & Savannah off for a moment, until Chelsea opens the chair & simply has a seat…Savannah holds Mickie in “Hart Attack” position & Tasha hits a springboard discus forearm to Mickie’s face…Tasha follows with a Frogsplash for the win (17:57)

*AFTERChelsea Green sits over the fallen Mickie James & talks trash until Mickie slaps her former friend…they trade slaps & the CAT FIIIIGHT is on in the 2300…Chelsea rolls out & continues to talk from ringside to keep Mickie’s attention as the Digital Media Champion, Matt Cardona, sneaks in behind Mickie & delivers Radio Silence as soon as she turns around…Cardona then pulls Mickie back to her feet for Chelsea to deliver a running forearm shot with her cast…after the damage is done, Chelsea rips off the cast to show it was only present to be used as a weapon.


iMPACT! PREVIEW – March 31, 2022

+ Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice vs TBD – Swinger’s Chump-Chump Challenge

+ Josh Alexander vs. Madman Fulton

+ Jonathan Gresham vs. Kenny King

+ Bullet Club (Jay & Bey) vs. Motor City Machine Guns



+ Moose (c) vs. Josh Alexander – for the iMPACT! World Championship

+ Trey Miguel (c) vs. Ace Austin vs. Mike Bailey – Triple Threat for the X-Division Championship

+ Violent By Design (c) defend in an 8-Team Elimination Match for the iMPACT! Tag Team Championship


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