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Impact – Nov 17

Impact – Nov 17

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Las Vegas, NV.

(1)  X-Div Tournament: Black Taurus def. PJ Black…Taurus delivers Destination Hellhole for the win (06:17).

*Scott D’Amore oversees the World Championship contract signing in a conference room between Josh Alexander & Frankie Kazarian…it’s starts as all respect between the two until Josh’s wife pipes up & things get testy…but they part without physicality as we go to break.

*Josh Alexander & Frankie Kazarian are chatting in the hall again as Bully Ray approaches…he tells Frankie that if he wins, Bully will come at him straight up…Frankie laughs because he knows Bully is a lying scumbag…Bully leaves offended…Josh is tired of hearing about it.

(2)  Bullet Club def. Aussie Open, Raj Singh & Shera, and Motor City Machine Guns…in a 4 CORNERS TAG TEAM MATCH…Ace flips Bey backwards into the Art of Finesse on Fletcher…Ace follows with the Fold for the win (13:30).

*Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie haven’t seen Jessicka since last week…Taya will take her place in the singles match tonight…and Taya promises Rosemary that Jessicka will be here tomorrow for their tag title defense.

*Jordynne Grace backstage promo…all Masha Slamovich  had to do was ask if she wanted a rematch…if she wanted to use weapons, Jordynne’s cool with that, too…so at Overdrive it will be a Last Knockout Standing match!

(3)  Taya Valkyrie def. Tasha Steelz…Taya sets up for Road to Valhalla…Tasha tries to roll under but Taya sits down into a Roll Up of her own for the win (02:20)…AFTER…Tasha jumps on Taya…bringing in Savannah Evans & Rosemary to help their respective partners…Tasha & Savannah have the upper hand until Jessicka heads to the ring & takes them both out.

*Josh Alexander approaches Tommy Dreamer backstage to ask about Bully Ray…Tommy says he believes Bully is a changed man.

*Trey Miguel backstage promo…says Kenny King’s interference is not how he planned to get to the X-Division title Match but he would be a fool not to take it as a blessing.

(4)  Steve Maclin def. Tommy Dreamer…in an OLD SCHOOL RULES MATCH…Maclin delivers the K.I.A. into a pile of chairs for the win (08:12)…AFTER…

*Steve Maclin sets up a table in the corner for more damage…Bully Ray down for the save…Moose down to attack Bully…Moose & Maclin prepare to chokeslam Bully through the table when Josh Alexander races down to take out Moose & Maclin…Josh & Bully double chokeslam Maclin through the table…tense moment as Josh has the Call Your Shot Trophy & Bully has picked up the world title…Josh hands over the trophy but Bully hesitates before returning Josh’s belt…but they part without incident.

*Masha Slamovich sits down with Mean Gia Miller…asked what she expects in the Last Knockout Standing, Masha replies in Russian, “Death.”

(5)  Rich Swann def. Laredo Kid…Swann with a 2nd buckle 450 Splash for the win (04:19).

*Mickie James approaches Taylor Wilde backstage…she wasn’t happy with Taylor getting involved last week…Taylor says if anyone is going to end Mickie’s career, she wants it to be her…Taylor walks off with a smile but Mickie is less than pleased.

(6)  Sami Callihan def. Eric Young…in a DEATH MACHINE DOUBLE JEOPARDY MATCH…Sami is jumped on the ramp by Deaner, Alan Angels, & Big Kon…Deaner delivers a Stomp on the ramp that busts open Sami’s forehead, putting him in jeopardy before the opening bell…just before the final commercial break EY gets busted open & now both men are in jeopardy…Sami delivers a 3rd Cactus Driver to finally get the win (19:06)…AFTER…Violent By Design down…they ignore Sami as he heads up the ramp…they stand over Young & stare at him as the show ends.


iMPACT!+ OVERDRIVE  PREVIEW – Fri. Nov. 18, 2022 – Louisville, KY

(1) Josh Alexander (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian – for the iMPACT! World Championship

(2) Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Masha Slamovich – Last Knockout Standing Match for the Knockouts Championship

(3) Heath & Rhino (c) vs. Major Players – for the iMPACT! Tag Team Championship

(4) Death Dollz (c) vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans – for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship

(5) Trey Miguel vs. Black Taurus – in the X-Division Championship Tournament Final

(6) Mickie James vs. Taylor Wilde – Mickie’s Last Rodeo

(7) Bully Ray vs. Moose – in a Tables Match

(8) COUNTDOWN: Bullet Club vs. Motor City Machine Guns

(9) COUNTDOWN: Kenny King vs. Yuya Uemora vs. Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Mike Bailey vs. Jason Hotch vs. Rich Swann – in a 6-Way X-Division Match


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