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Overdrive – Nov 18

Overdrive – Nov 18

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Impact!+ Overdrive Results

*Live from Louisville, KY.

(Countdown 1)  Rich Swann def. Kenny King, Yuya Uemora, Bhupinder Gujjar, Mike Bailey, & Jason Hotch…in a 6-WAY X-DIVISION MATCH…Swann with the Handspring Cutter on Hotch for the win (08:06).

(Countdown 2)  Motor City Machine Guns def. Bullet Club…in a #1 CONTENDERS MATCH…Shelley takes Bey over with a Crucifix & Sabin flips into a Jackknife Cover for the Roll Up win (13:23).

(3)  Bully Ray def. Moose…in a TABLES MATCH…Moose thinks he’s won when he sidesteps a Bully Ray charge & Bully crashes himself through a table in the corner but the ref waives it off because Moose had nothing to do with it…Bully Ray reverses an Irish Whip & sends Moose towards another table but Moose puts on the breaks…but when Moose turns around Bully Ray executes a perfect form tackle to put Moose through the table for the win (09:58).

(4)  Death Dollz def. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans…retain their Knockout Tag Team Championship…Tasha attempts a cutter but Jessicka grabs her & tosses her onto her shoulder…Taya delivers a kick to Tasha’s head & Jessicka hits the SICK Driver for the win (08:31).

*Motor City Machine Guns & Bullet Club are chatting backstage…Ace & Bey are headed to Japan for the Super Junior Tag League…Shelley says they’ll be a better team when they get back…maybe then they’ll grant Bullet Club a shot at the NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Titles the Guns currently hold…maybe even the Impact Tag Titles, too, by that time…the Major Players interrupt & tell everyone to watch as they become the New Impact Tag Champs tonight.

(5)  Mickie James def. Taylor Wilde…as MICKIE’S LAST RODEO rolls on…Mickie kicks out after the Wilde Ride…Taylor goes for a 2nd Wilde Ride but Mickie reverses it into the Mick-DT for the win (12:28)…AFTER…Deonna Purrazzo to the ring…calls Mickie a “selfish bitch”…Deonna wants to end her career.

(6)  Heath & Rhino def. Major Players…retain their iMPACT! Tag Team Championship…around the 8 minute mark the Motor City Machine Guns set up chairs at ringside to scout their future opponents…Cardona tries to pass Myers a chair but Chris Sabin doesn’t allow it…Rhino with a GORE of Myers for the win (11:27).

*Bully Ray backstage with Gia…he’ll be watching the main event from the locker room…and he’ll come at the winner straight up when he calls his shot.

*Crazzy Steve gives Black Taurus a rousing introduction…

(7)  Trey Miguel def. Black Taurus…to become the NEW X-Division Champion…Trey kicks out after a top buckle Gorilla Press Slam…Taurus kicks out after Trey’s top buckle Meteora…Trey tosses the cap to his spraypaint rattle-can across the ring & when the ref follows to kick it out of the ring, Trey sprays Taurus in the eyes behind the ref’s back & follows with the Lightning Spiral for the win (15:51).

(8)  Jordynne Grace def. Masha Slamovich…in a LAST KNOCKOUT STANDING MATCH to retain her Knockouts Championship…Jordynne with a powerbomb of Masha onto a steel chair…Masha with an Air Raid Crash of Jordynne onto another chair…Jordynne with a Verte-breaker of Masha onto a garbage can…Masha hits the Moscow Sunrise…Masha delivers Strong Zero on the floor…Masha sets up a door, bridging it between the apron’s edge & a garbage can…Jordynne gets Masha up for a Muscle-Buster, climbs the ring steps & deposits Masha through the door…Jordynne just beats the 10 count…Masha does not (21:34)…that was one hell of a match!

(9)  Josh Alexander def. Frankie Kazarian…retains his iMPACT! World Championship…around the 17 minute mark Josh ducks & Kaz accidentally hits the ref with a flying forearm…the fight goes to the floor & Kaz grabs the world title…he lines up Josh for a blow with the belt but Josh’s wife talks him out of it…back inside Kaz hits the Kill Switch for 2…around the 27 minute mark Kaz hits the Slingshot Cutter for 2…Kaz hits a Styles Clash for 2…Josh bridges out of multiple jackknife pinning attempts & eventually transitions into the C-4 Spike for the win (33:16)…AFTER…

*Bully Ray to the ring…says Josh Alexander is the most credible world champion on the planet…Bully says he swore he would do it right, so he’s challenging Josh to meet him at Hard to Kill…they shake on it…aaaaaaand, then scumbag Bully Ray attacks Josh as he goes to hug is wife in the front row…Bully Ray beats Josh with a steel chair, then zipties his wrist to the bottom rope…Bully Ray pulls Josh’s wife Jade over the barricade…Josh snaps the ziptie & Bully demands Josh hand him the world title or he’ll piledrive Jade on the concrete…Bully walks off with the world title as the show ends.

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