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Impact – Oct 20

Impact – Oct 20

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Albany, NY

*Chris Bey & Juice Robinson are ready to kick off the show, but can’t find Ace Austin…they find him out cold in the parking area…Tommy Dreamer shows up…Bullet Club are suspicious of Bully Ray.

(1)  Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer def. Chris Bey & Juice Robinson…Bully Ray avoids a top rope maneuver from Juice…counters with a Bully Bomb on Juice for the win (06:29)…AFTER…Bully Ray swears to Bey that he had nothing to do with jumping Ace Austin.

*Heath & Rhino backstage promo…Heath made Honor No More’s lives a living hell & now Rhino is back for revenge, which will come in the form of a GORE!!

*Tommy Dreamer asks Bully Ray to look him in the eyes & tell him he didn’t lay out Ace AustinMoose interrupts, stirring the pot & reminding Tommy what a scumbag Bully Ray is.

(2)  Taylor Wilde def. Mia Yim…in a match that was way too long & had almost zero ring chemistry, Taylor hits a German Suplex with a back bridge for the win (14:52)…AFTER…

*Mickie James to the ring…says she & Taylor Wilde kept missing each other…the Last Rodeo is about challenging herself & Taylor is a good challenge…VXT & Gisele Shaw out to attack Mickie & Taylor…Jordynne Grace makes the save…after the break…Mickie, Jordynne, & Taylor are backstage…they challenge VXT & Shaw to face them next week.

(3)  Joe Hendry def. Jason Hotch…Hendry with a 1-arm Spinebuster for the win (01:54)…AFTER…as the crowd chants, ”We Believe!” during his match & sings along to his theme afterwards.

*Scott D’Amore in the ring…introduces the 5 time X-Division Champion, Frankie Kazarian, who is here to relinquish the X-title & exercise “Option C” in trade for a world title shot…because it sickens him to have “never won the big one”…Frankie will get his shot at Overdrive, the same night a new X-Division Champion will be crowned at the end of an 8-man tournament…Steve Maclin attacks Kaz from behind…Josh Alexander down for the save…runs off Maclin.

*Eddie Edwards arrives…Alisha & Honor No More all want to know where he’s been…he’s been thinking…as Alisha said weeks ago, something has got to end…he’ll explain later.

*Frankie Kazarian finds Josh Alexander backstage…Kaz says he can take care of himself & didn’t need Josh’s help…but since Josh helped him, he returns the favor by becoming the next name added to the long list of people warning Josh to NEVER trust Bully Ray.

(4)  Rich Swann def. Eric Young…EY is setting Swann up for a Piledriver when Swann rolls under & counters into a Roll Up for the win (03:31)…AFTER…Swann rolls out immediately but one of VBD’s yellow-hoodie minions grabs Swann on the ramp & Deaner is out quick to attack…Swann is rolled back in for a 2-on-1 beating…LIGHTS OUT…Sami Callihan appears with his baseball bat & VBD scatter.

*Major Players backstage promo…they’ve now both been Digital Media Champion (Myers still is)…but the next thing they need to add to the resume are the Impact Tag Team Titles.


*X-Division Tournament bracket revealed…top half matches begin next week:

Black Taurus vs. Laredo Kid \___                         ___/ Alan Angels vs. Trey Miguel

Yuya Uemore vs. PJ Black    /                                     \ Kenny King vs. Mike Bailey


(5)  Heath & Rhino def. OGK…to become the NEW Impact Tag Team Champions…the referee heads to the floor to cut off Vincent from interfering…but Maria Kanellis slips by & has the Fuji-dust…she misses Rhino & blinds her husband…Heath with a Wake Up Call on Bennett…Taven avoids a GORE but Maria takes the bullet instead…Heath with a Wake Up Call on Taven for the win (14:21)…AFTER…

*Eddie Edwards joins the rest of Honor No More in the ring…Alisha gave Eddie an ultimatum…Eddie wonders if Honor No More is even worth saving when all he sees is failure…Eddie asks everyone if they are loyal to HNM…Eddie pushes it too far with PCO…AGAIN…causing PCO to go on a rampage & wipe out Honor No More as the show ends.


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Oct. 20, 2022

+ Jordynne Grace, Mickie James, & Taylor Wilde vs. VXT & Gisele Shaw

+ X-Division Tournament: Black Taurus vs. Laredo Kid – on BTI

+ X-Division Tournament: Alan Angels vs. Trey Miguel


iMPACT!+ OVERDRIVE  PREVIEW – Fri. Nov. 18, 2022 – Louisville, KY

+ Josh Alexander (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian – for the iMPACT! World Championship

+ X-Division Championship Tournament Final


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