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SmackDown – Oct 21

SmackDown – Oct 21

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SmackDown Results

*Live from Toledo, OH.

*Bray Wyatt footage interferes briefly with the broadcast during the Brawling Brutes’ entrance.

(1)  Solo Sikoa def. Sheamus…Sheamus hits Sikoa with a jumping knee but Sami Zayn jumps onto the apron & gets the ref’s attention…The Usos & Brawling Brutes start throwing hands ringside…the Brutes wind up under the announce table…Sikoa hits the Spinning Solo on Sheamus for the win (13:06)…AFTER…it’s a 4-on-1 beatdown of Sheamus at ringside…Sheamus’ arm is trapped in a steel chair & beaten against the ring step.

*Rey Mysterio crosses paths backstage with Imperium, who tell him it’s over when he faces Gunther…Rey says it’s a new beginning for him…then challenges Vinci or Kaiser to face him tonight.

*Bray Wyatt backstage promo…confesses that he has problems…he rambles some more…no clue where this is headed.

*The Bloodline (minus Roman & Heyman) is celebrating in their locker room after injuring Sheamus…Sami thinks they’ve done their job for the night…Jey says they should stick around & jump Logan Paul…Sami says that Roman doesn’t want them to engage with Logan…as usual, Jey isn’t on board with the plan.

(2)  Liv Morgan vs. Sonya Deville ENDS IN A DOUBLE COUNTOUT…when Liv is beating Sonya against the ring steps & ignores the referee’s 10 count (06:47)…AFTER…Liv brings a half dozen chairs into the ring & Superplexes Sonya onto them…Liv takes damage from the bump as well but is smiling through the pain.

*LA Knight vignette…it’s the Mega-Star’s game!

*Viking Raiders vignette…Sarah speaking again, ”The words of the Gods will haunt our victims…the Gods preach patience…Valhalla awaits.”

*Braun Strowman to the ring…calls out MVP & Omos…MVP out, says Braun has always been the biggest & toughest, but Omos will expose him to the Universe as ordinary…Braun challenges Omos to face him at Crown Jewel…MVP accepts…Omos out…they get face-to-face…Omos shoves Braun & he spills to the floor…Braun smiles & MVP gets Omos out of the ring.

*Drew McIntyre backstage with Kayla…at Crown Jewel he’ll face Karrion Kross inside a steel cage.

(3)  Damage CTRL def. Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi…retain their Women’s Tag Team Championship…Dakota & Raquel spill to the floor…Bayley up on the apron to distract Shotzi…Sky with an Air Raid Crash on Shotzi…follows with the Over the Moonsault for the win (10:12).

*Ronda Rousey backstage with Kayla…she issues open challenges to prove she’s the best, not to entertain the fans…she gave them all she had & only got hatred…so no open challenge tonight…maybe next week.

*Bray Wyatt video interference/weirdness as we go to break again.

*Santos Escobar backstage promo…Legado del Fantasma’s latest acquisition is Zelina Vega…their legacy on SmackDown begins by destroying Hit Row…Hit Row watch from a monitor & aren’t amused…B-Fab has an idea of how to deal with Legado.

(4)  Rey Mysterio def. Ludwig Kaiser…Rey gets Gunther & Giovanni Vinci tossed from ringside with a modification on the old Eddie Guerrero steel chair technique…Rey hits the 619 & a Slingshot Splash for the win (11:24).

*Logan Paul to the ring…Jey Uso attacks…Sami Zayn out, reminds Jey this isn’t what Roman wanted…Jey ignores & goes back at Logan…Logan drops Jey with one right hand…what if he lands that one lucky punch on Roman (they continue to beat the dead horse to make us think Logan has a snowball’s chance in hell)?


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