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Impact Under Siege – May 7

Impact Under Siege – May 7

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Impact Under Siege Results

*Live from Newport, KY.

(Countdown-1)  Heath & Rhino defeat Raj Singh & Shera…Rhino GORES Raj for the win (06:30).

(Countdown-2)  Rich Swann defeats Laredo Kid & Mike Bailey…in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH…Swann hits a 2nd buckle Phoenix Splash on Laredo Kid for the win (07:58).

(3)  Gisele Shaw defeats Madison Rayne…with Alisha Edwards in her corner to help neutralize Tenille Dashwood at ringside, Shaw lands a Running Knee to Madison’s jaw for the win (07:16).

*The Briscoes backstage with Gia…they attract title belts like a magnetic force & they’re coming for yours, VBD.

(4)  Chris Sabin defeats Steve Maclin…Sabin hits the Cradle Shock for the win (13:23).

(5)  Taya Valkyrie defeats Deonna Purrazzo…retains her AAA Reina de Reinas Championship…Taya kicks out of the Queen’s Gambit, then escapes Venus de Milo with a rope break…frustrated Deonna rolls out & grabs the title belt…as she plays tug of war with the ref over the belt, Taya uses a Roll Up for the win (10:08)…AFTER…Deonna attacks Taya…LIGHTS OUT…Mia Yim makes her way to the ring & gets in Deonna’s face…Deonna feigns disinterest, then attempts a sneak attack as Yim checks on Taya…the attack is unsuccessful & Deonna quickly finds herself being set up for a package piledriver by Yim…Deonna escapes & rolls out to safety.

(6)  Ace Austin defeats Trey Miguel…retains his X-Division Championship…Ace hits the Fold for the win (13:04).

(7)  Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, OGK, Kenny King, & Vincent) defeat Bullet Club (Good Brothers, Jay White, Chris Bey, & ELP)…in a 10-MAN TAG MATCH…OGK hits the Proton Pack on Anderson, Bennett covers for the win (17:37).

(8)  Tasha Steelz defeats Havok…retains her Knockouts Championship…Tasha hits the Blackout (crucifix bomb) for the win (10:25).

(9)  The Briscoes defeat Violent By Design…to become the NEW iMPACT! Tag Team Champions…Jay gets Deaner up in the electric chair…Mark completes the Doomsday Device, Jay covers for the win (11:17).

*Moose makes his way to the ring…he’s still pissed that Josh got 6 months to prepare for him, but Moose only got 5 days to prepare for his rematch…so Moose is hijacking the show, calls out Josh…LIGHTS OUT…Sami Callihan appears in the ring with his Callihan Slugger…after using the bat, Sami delivers a piledriver as a receipt for Moose breaking his leg last year…the Death Machine is back!

(10)  Josh Alexander defeats Tomohiro Ishii…to retain his iMPACT! World Championship…Josh uses a powerbomb to set up the C-4 Spike for the win (23:30).


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