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Interview with Jonny Nova – Part 1

Interview with Jonny Nova – Part 1

This week on CCW “Insider” presented by Minutes To Bell Time, new CCW Tag Team Champion Jonny Nova is stopping by to dish with Ryan Joy about his career so far!

Naturally, he’ll be talking about the formation of “Elevated Status” with his partner E.R.A., how nobody expected them to win, and what their plans are for the Tag Team division!

In addition, he mentions some of his outside ventures including appearances on Celebrity Boxing, the Barney tape his brother recorded Summerslam 96′ over, and his fascination with the businesses ever since that day as a kid!

This is an excellent interview, and a great way to get to know one of the new faces of CCW’s upper echelon. There’s no doubt, Jonny Nova’s status has been elevated!

A new “Insider” with Ryan Joy presented by Minutes To Belltime debuts every Monday at 5pm! Get to know the faces of “The Last Territory” for when they come to your town!

Shownotes provided by Thomas Holmes of the CCW Magazine.






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