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What’s Next for Chris Farrow? – Episode 9

What’s Next for Chris Farrow? – Episode 9

Charismatic Chris Farrow joins Ryan Joy for a full blown discussion about wrestling and skateboarding.

Farrow has been wrestling for three years and has already had a long reign as the CCW Cruiserweight Champion.

In this episode, Chris talks about how his passion for skateboarding, how he got into it, and how it has been a big part of his every day life for the last 10 years.

He talks about the people that told him to give up on skateboarding because “you’re a wrestler now.” Hear how Farrow responded to that pressure and how his skateboarding actually helps him in the ring.

Before this interview is over, you’ll understand that Chris has a couple of goals in mind for the future. Listen now to find out “What’s Next for Chris Farrow?”







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