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January 13, 2022 – Impact

January 13, 2022 – Impact

Impact Results

*Emanating from Dallas, TX.

(BTI) Black Taurus defeats Matthew Rehwoldt…Taurus hits PowerBull (inverted Rikishi Driver) for the win (07:39).

*W. Morrissey to the ring, calls out Moose & wants a 1-on-1 world title match…Moose appears on the ‘tron & says there will be a world title match tonight but Morrissey won’t be in it, Morrissey goes to the back of the line…Morrissey heads backstage & is met at the curtain by Scott D’Amore, who confirms that Moose has another opponent tonight…then Scott gets a troubling message on his headset…

*Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, & PCO take over the announce position, beat up D’Lo Brown, & put him through a table.

(1)  Laredo Kid defeats Chris Bey…Tom Hannifan is joined by Trey Miguel at the announce table…Laredo Kid hits a top buckle Spanish Fly for the win (14:22).

*Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath, & Rhino are backstage…they’re not happy about the Ring of Honor guys showing up again & head out looking for them.

*Brian Myers backstage with VSK & Zicky Dice…they embarrassed him during his time off…Zicky tells him that he’s got a shot at Moose & the world title tonight, just as his pizza delivery arrives…gotta carbo-load for the big match, of courses.

(2)  “Speedball” Mike Bailey defeats Jake Something…with Ace Austin on commentary…Bailey hits Ultima Weapon (moonsault double knee drop to the back) for the win (04:15).

*Good Brothers & Violent By Design are having some heated words backstage when a stagehand calls for help nearby…the Ring of Honor guys have attacked Heath & Rhino…but the Good Brothers & VBD could care less about Heath & Rhino, so they put the boots to them a little more.

*Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green sit down with Gia…they both were so close to victory at Hard to Kill but came up short…Tasha Steelz (& Savannah Evans) interrupt & relieve Gia of her duties…Tasha calls Matt a loser…Chelsea challenges her to a match next week.

(3)  Masha Slamovich defeats Vert Vixen…Masha hits the Northern Lights Bomb for the win (01:06).

*Josh Alexander to the ring…he’ll never forget what Moose did in front of his family…feels that he is the uncrowned champ until Moose can beat him…Charlie Haas interrupts, respectfully challenges Josh…Josh says it would be an honor, but he’s got to have his World Championship match first…Charlie suckerpunches Josh…refs get between them…Josh says the match is on.

*Mickie James finds Rok-C backstage…welcomes her & gives her some pointers/warnings about facing Deonna tonight.

(4)  Moose defeats Zicky Dice…to retain his iMPACT! World Championship…Moose doesn’t bother to put on his wrestling gear, doesn’t even take off his blazer before the bell rings…Zicky strikes a Roman Reigns pose in the corner, charges across the ring, & delivers a Superman Punch that doesn’t make Moose flinch…Moose hits Zicky with a Uranage without leaving his feet & covers him with a foot on his chest for the win in less time than it took you to read that sentence (00:17)…AFTER…W. Morrissey to the ring…Zicky Dice eats a big boot as Moose rolls out & heads up the ramp…Morrissey holds the world title that Moose left behind over his head…VSK gets chokeslammed for checking on Zicky…Morrissey follows Moose backstage but gets to the exit door just in time to see Moose’s car pull away.

*Raj Singh to the ring as Scott D’Amore joins Hannifan at the announce table…Raj demands respect & an opponent to prove he deserves that respect…

(5)  Jonah defeats Raj Singh…Jonah hits the Tsunami for the win (01:25).

*The Influence backstage, they tell the IInspiration to come up with an original way to beat them when they finally show up for work again on Jan 27…Rosemary & Havok interrupt to inform the Influence that their schedule is open & they would love to face them next week…a stage hand calls for help nearby & we see Eddie Edwards has been beaten down, presumably by the crew from Ring of Honor.

*Jonathan Gresham backstage with Gia, he doesn’t know what the other ROH guys are up to because he follows the Code of Honor…Steve Maclin interrupts, he’s not buying that Gresham has nothing to do with them…Gresham doesn’t like having his honor questioned so he’s going to ROH management to book a match with Maclin.

*Ian Riccaboni joins Hannifan at the announce desk for the main event…Matthew Rehwoldt joins them after accompanying Deonna to the ring.

(6)  Deonna Purrazzo (AAA) defeats Rok-C (ROH)…in a TITLE FOR TITLE MATCH…Rok-C sinks in a crossface but Deonna escapes & counters into the Fujiwara Armbar…Rok-C won’t tap but appears to be on the verge of passing out…when the ref thinks about calling for the bell on the fading Rok-C, she reaches out & grabs his pant leg to beg him not to end the match…with her other arm now exposed, Deonna grabs it & locks in Venus de Milo to get the verbal submission for the win (15:28)

*AFTERMaria Bennett rolls in & gestures to the ROH Women’s title on Deonna’s shoulder…Deonna ignores her & turns to leave when she’s corralled by the rest of the ROH-5Rehwoldt leaves the announce table to come to Deonna’s aid & is leveled immediately…Rich Swann & Willie Mack try to make the save but the numbers just aren’t in Impact’s favor…Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, & PCO beat them down & Maria joins them to strike a victory pose as the show ends.


iMPACT! PREVIEW – January 20, 2022

+ Tasha Steelz vs. Chelsea Green

+ Doc Gallows & Joe Doering vs. Heath & Rhino

+ Josh Alexander vs. Charlie Haas

+ Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Steve Maclin – PURE Rules Match for the ROH World Championship


iMPACT! PREVIEW – January 27, 2022

+ The IInspiration (c) vs. The Influence – for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship


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